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             31 July, 2021

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Sales Contests And Incentives Can Help Motivate Your Sales Team

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2006-08-21 22:48:28     
Article by Tino Buntic

If your company's sales are lagging and you are looking for a way to boost the results of your sales team, look into creating a sales contest or sales incentive program to motivate your sales force.

Awards in sales contests can be anything from gift certificates to a shopping center to a European trip, depending on your budget. Whatever the reward actually is does not matter much, as long as it's seen as a worthwhile prize by the sales reps. It must be something that they will want to work for and actually want to win.

A sales contest and incentive program can help boost the motivation to sell more because it adds a little spice to the daily routine of the salesperson. And, a motiveted sales force is a good sales force. Salespeople, by nature, are competitive and enjoy a good competition. Coming in first place in a sales contest also gives the winner bragging rights.

Sales contests could be monthly or quarterly. What many businesses do is that they set up a series of small monthly sales contests and then provide for bigger prizes either quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

You can’t go wrong with sales contests and your sales team will love you for it.

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