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How to Become an "Invited Guest" Rather Than a "Door to Door" Salesperson and Explode Your Business (Popularity: )
Do you know the difference between the "Invited Guest" and the "Door to Door" salesperson? Let's look at the "salesperson" for a second. When I say this I'm talking about the "BETA" networker. If you have done any reading on Mike Dillard you will know what that means. The reason I know these two profiles exist is because I went through the Salesperson routine for too long, before breaking into the ...

Auto Sales Training to Build a Pipeline Full of Customers (Popularity: )
Everyone knows that the key to making sales is having lots of people to pitch your product to. The sales industry is simply a game of numbers. The more sales presentations you complete, the more sales you will make. So how do you get more customers to the lot? The truth is that it is up to you. While the dealership probably runs ads about special deals and events, you ...

Presentation Skills (Popularity: )
Working in an office, a common problem is that you have great ideas: perfect ideas on how to improve productivity, awesome ideas for new products or services, brilliant ideas for marketing, but... you're not very good at presentation. It might not even be you, but members of your staff who have great ideas, but just can't seem to get it through to other people in the company. A lot of office ...

Sales Appointment Calls and the One Line That You Must Get Right (Popularity: )
You're making sales appointment telephone calls. You've got through to the prospect. You want to have a great opening impact with a stunning introduction that grabs their attention and keeps them interested. So what do you say? What do you include in those important first few lines of your appointment call introduction? No matter how good your sales skills are you can't use them until you are in front of a ...

How to Differentiate Yourself From the Competition (Popularity: )
Differentiation seems to be a hot topic in an ultra competitive marketplace. It is something with which everyone, from sales person to manager to business owner, has to be concerned. So what does differentiation mean to you? Why is it important to differentiate yourself in the marketplace? What is the difference between differentiation and expectations? Differentiation means something different from one business to another. The key for your business is to ...

Cartoon Drawing - Play With Your Creative Ideas (Popularity: )
Cartoon drawing is considered to be a great form of art that artists use not only to express their creative ideas, but also to address some serious issues with a lighter outlook. If you become more talented in this art you will be able to find some interesting career openings for yourself and will be able to take up cartoon drawing as your profession. There are some suggestions that eminent ...

Determining Value in Training (Popularity: )
How does one determine value when training? Does it seem possible that many of us have lost our ability to correctly assess the value of the programs that are delivered? I know, starting an article with two questions is not the ideal method for making an argument. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that the value of 'questions' is greater than the value of 'answers'. Therefore, I submit these questions ...

How to Build Rapport with Anyone Instantly (Popularity: )
It's my experience that people do business with people that they know, like and trust. If you could build stronger relationships with your potential clients faster -would that be of value to you and to your business? Yes? Then read on. People like people who are like themselves or who they aspire to become. Have you ever met a perfect stranger and yet felt instantly comfortable with them? As if you've know them ...

Training and Development (Popularity: )
The Objective When organizations decided to ditch their premises and take training outdoors, the key objective was to enthuse employees about training. They believed that the more excited an employee gets about the training program, the more receptive he would be. This, in turn, would have a positive impact on engagement and retention. While the argument sounds logical, what began to happen was that organisations concentrated more on getting their employees excited ...

How to Use Time Management to Become a More Successful Sales Professional! (Popularity: )
Time is Life Each day comes with a package of 24 hours, distributed to all equally. It is up to us to make the most of the 24 hours in each day that are given to all of us. There is so much to do and so little time is the common complaint these days. Within these 24 hours we have to work, sleep, take care of our body and mind, ...