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             29 September, 2023

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Cartoon Drawing - Play With Your Creative Ideas

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2008-10-14 08:18:11     
Article by Murtaza Habib

Cartoon drawing is considered to be a great form of art that artists use not only to express their creative ideas, but also to address some serious issues with a lighter outlook. If you become more talented in this art you will be able to find some interesting career openings for yourself and will be able to take up cartoon drawing as your profession. There are some suggestions that eminent cartoon artists try to share with those who are new to cartoon drawing, so that the newer people can develop their skills. I have tried to share some tips that will help you in becoming more knowledgeable about cartoon drawing.

1. To become an expert in any art form that you take up, you have to put in a lot of dedication. Without proper dedication you would not be able to get the desired level of expertise in any art form of your choice. Thus it is crucial that if you are interested in cartoon drawing, you should try to practice as much as you can. With the right mix of practice and dedication, you will be able to develop your cartoon drawing skills more and more with time.

2. You can make your cartoon drawing more attractive by adding a lot of color to your cartoons. While making cartoon sketches you should try to improve by looking around you and gathering inspiration from what you see around you. You should use lighter strokes of a pencil for making your cartoons, and gradually make them deeper with time. Doing this enables you to correct your mistakes up without making the paper on which you are doing the sketches untidy. With practice you will be able to make cartoons even using pens, which allows very little scope for corrections as in comparison to the sketches that are made using pencils. You will be able to make better cartoons by following the video tutorials of famous cartoon artists that are found at the major stores.

3. With cartoon drawing, you need to keep your sketches limited to a bare minimum. Adding too many details will spoil the overall feel of the sketches and make them appear tacky. You will be able to create finer art with time. There are a large number of places from which you will be able to draw inspiration while drawing cartoons. Though it is generally thought by people that cartoons are very easy to draw, the truth it is not as easy as it seems to be. For getting the best results people have to practice a lot, and many times it may take hours to create some cartoon sketches. Cartoon drawing for comic strips is much harder, as your sketches have to be such that they will be able to portray stories along with the sketches.

You need to have a very good imagination power if you desire to go to places with cartoon drawing. With lots of practice and dedication, you will find that, cartoon drawing is a very profitable profession, and you will face no trouble in making money. The work is also very enjoyable and this definitely adds to its positives. I suggest that you start by studying the works of other artists and with gradual improvement come up with a style of your own.

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