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Presentation Skills

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2009-01-17 05:00:26     
Article by wetrainbiz

Working in an office, a common problem is that you have great ideas: perfect ideas on how to improve productivity, awesome ideas for new products or services, brilliant ideas for marketing, but... you're not very good at presentation.
It might not even be you, but members of your staff who have great ideas, but just can't seem to get it through to other people in the company.
A lot of office managers are turning to presentation skills workshops. In these workshops, managers and their employees can learn technical presentation skills training, so as to get those ideas of theirs out into the world, where they belong.
To make a comparison, imagine someone who has an excellent idea for a novel. They have the perfect story in mind, likeable characters, a lot of drama. If they sit down and write this novel, they're going to get it published and sell the movie rights for millions of dollars.
There's only one problem...The would be novelist is illiterate.
This is what it's like to have great ideas, and absolutely no presentation skills.
Besides workshops that just give presentation skills training to individual employees, you can also look into courses and seminars which provide "http://wetrain.biz"instructional design service for trainers. In other words, you can teach your staff to teach newer recruits about presentation. This is the difference between teaching a man to fish, and teaching a man to teach men to fish.
These courses combine actual corporate presentation skills training with "http://wetrain.biz"trainer training courses. This way, the knowledge spreads through your staff like wildfire, with older employees lending a hand to younger employees, ensuring that everyone on your staff knows exactly how to make a great presentation.
Trainer training is a pretty important part of maintaining an office or, certainly, just about any workplace.
Of course, your long-time employees may have the skills, the knowledge, and the experience worth passing on to your younger employees, but that doesn't mean much if they don't also know how to pass that knowledge on to younger employees.
Trainer training and presentation instructional design focus training your employees in tried and true, proven methods for teaching. Certainly, there is something of a science to teaching. Teaching is a hard thing to do through trial and error.
A well trained staff tends to be more confident, more capable, and more enthusiastic about the job, about making presentations, and about taking pride in their work.
Or if you like, you can just hire some third party people to come in and train every single new employee individually... We probably don't have to explain what's wrong with that idea. By teaching your employees how to teach, you ensure that your newest employees are always on the same page as everyone else, that they understand their duties, and that they have the skills to do the job well. Really, it's common sense. You can't really do your job well and take pride in your work, if you barely understand what's expected of you in the first place.

Author bio:Wetrain.biz specializes in a ="http://wetrain.biz">Train the Trainer program. Each ="http://wetrain.biz">custom trainer training workshop focuses on areas such as technical presentation skills training, and executive hr trainer development. Serving in the capacity of an instructional design consultant, each WeTrain.biz trainer assures that all workshops and seminars are complete and focus on dynamic, multi-censored participation.

Specialized in: Train The Trainer - Custom Trainer Training - Instructional Design Service
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