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             15 April, 2021

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How to Become an "Invited Guest" Rather Than a "Door to Door" Salesperson and Explode Your Business

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2009-10-06 06:44:04     
Article by Tobias Black

Do you know the difference between the "Invited Guest" and the "Door to Door" salesperson?

Let's look at the "salesperson" for a second. When I say this I'm talking about the "BETA" networker. If you have done any reading on Mike Dillard you will know what that means. The reason I know these two profiles exist is because I went through the Salesperson routine for too long, before breaking into the "Invited Guest".

I used to think of ways that my company and product were FAR better than anyone else's and if they didn't join me they were mad, crazy and down right stupid. Boy was I wrong. The salesperson routine was breaking me down and driving me to have at least 2 or 3 beers at night, just to get to sleep. One of the ways I used to spend my day was calling professionals in the phone book or from an online directory asking them if they had any reason to look at a new career. This tactic isn't all that bad, but if you come from the posture of a salesperson you are normally shot down even before you reach "take off".

Speaking of taking off, once I decided to take my business seriously and start doing a lot of self development and reading on the Industry and the "GURUS" in it a miraculous thing happened. My prospects started coming to me for advice, direction and even to join my business without me even speaking to them prior. Until you experience this you can not describe it. You can actually feel a deep shift within.

Imagine being the "Hunted instead of the "Hunter".

You see it doesn't take much to become the "Invited guest". In the words of Mike Dillard "You just need to know 1% more than the prospect you are speaking with". If you can teach that person one thing they didn't know prior to speaking with you.


For example if I'm on the phone with a prospect and we are talking about PPC. I will explain to them 3 simple ways there Google Ranking can and will immediately go up if they implement what I tell them.

1. Put the Keyword they are using in the Title Page.

2. Use the Keyword in the first paragraph of the capture page.

3. Use the keyword in any embedded link's within the page.


Do not feel you need to be earning $10k a month or have years of experience under your belt to be an "Alpha" Networker. If you Market and position yourself properly and consistently GIVE value to others you are well on your way to being the "Invited Guest" to all the parties.

Put it this way, when I was a Salesperson I personally sponsored -0- Reps.

Now that I'm an "Invited Guest" I have personally sponsored 37 Reps in 2 months.

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