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             15 April, 2021

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Building Value, How Far do You Go?

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2007-05-31 11:01:06     
Article by Jim Masson

As a salesperson, building the value of your product or service is a very important part of the selling process for two specific reasons. The process helps to reinforce and in some cases, even establish need or desire in the customer's mind and, equally valuable, it justifies the price that the seller is asking.

So, the question is, when building value, how far do you go? How much time do you spend? Although the answer is a fairly simple, many salespeople fail to recognize it.

Many salespeople regularly do not build sufficient value, sufficient interest or even sufficient excitement for the customer to want to contemplate a purchase. They do not showcase the benefits of ownership of their product or service which is, after all, the foundation of value for the buyer. Then these salespeople wonder why they spend so much time fighting over price, often losing the battle.

Others constantly layer benefit upon benefit, yet they too fail to obtain the sale. Two extremes, often with the same result. If neither extreme works, where does a master salesperson find success? The secret is in finding the balance and understanding this critical statement.

"Once 'need' or 'passionate desire' is firmly established, the salesperson must build value beyond price in the buyer's mind. Then, price will not be an issue and the purchase will generally occur without any significant resistance." In my first example the salesperson doesn't work to build value through benefits. In the second, the salesperson 'talks' him or herself right through the sale.

The key is "asking questions", "listening to" and "observing" the customer for signs that sufficient value has been established. Then, "STOP TALKING" and allow the sale to happen.

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