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             20 October, 2021


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A Simple Circuit For Runners to Start Cross Training With Weights (Popularity: )
Cross training is a very effective method for staying healthy and boosting your athletic performance. One of the best things that a runner can implement into their training schedule is regular weight lifting sessions. It is inadvisable to just jump right into lifting if you have never lifted before or after a layoff of some months without lifting weights. Instead, you should spend 2 to 4 weeks on a specific workout ...

5 Ways to Compensate For Bad Weather When Working Out (Popularity: )
What do you do when you have an outdoor workout scheduled for a day when the weather is less than ideal? Do you go outside and do your workout no matter what, do you adjust the workout to match conditions, or do you take the weather as a good excuse to skip heading out the door in the first place? Perhaps you want to do a track workout, but it is ...

1 Simple Mistake That Will Ruin Your Race and Motivate Your Competition (Popularity: )
Running is such a great sport because we have such an easy way to compare our progress against runners that are better than we are and can constantly find motivation to improve. On any given day and in any give race, there is always somebody that can beat us. I would be hard pressed to believe you if you told me you never looked back during a race in an attempt ...

The Barefoot Jogger (Popularity: )
Recently I have been trying a spot of barefoot jogging or to give it it's correct title "Natural Running". Which in its "natural" state is jogging without footwear (no, not without clothes, though I'm sure they're doing that somewhere in the world!). I actually read about it in a magazine article and I am one of those people who when they like the idea of something they have to try ...

Cold Weather Running - Running Tips for Fall and Winter (Popularity: )
The leaves will soon begin to fall and the evenings are beginning to have a distinct, chilly bite to them. The mornings, well, they soon will be downright frigid. So what's a runner to do to avoid having to resort to the forsaken "dreadmill" to get in those weekly miles? Here are a few tips for keeping warm when the temperatures begin to drop. Layer Up You've heard it before and I'm ...

How to Run a Marathon - The Insider's Tips For Success (Popularity: )
Many non runners are curious about how to run a marathon. Although there are a few different ways to accomplish this goal, you will find that many of the successful marathoners follow the same tips. Here, are a few that will increase your odds of success: 1. Remember it is not a sprint. You should recognize the value of this tip throughout the process. You are training to run over 26 miles ...

How to Train For a Marathon - What to Do and What Not to Do (Popularity: )
Many people wonder how to train for a marathon. The good news is this process is not nearly as difficult as one might think if they follow some solid tips and stay committed to their training. Here, is a list of a few tips you should use. 1. Listen to the word of experts, but make sure they are speaking to you. This means that you will want to get your advice ...

Marathon Training Guide - Why You Must Buy a Good One? (Popularity: )
People set out to run their first marathon for all kinds of reasons. Maybe they are doing to reach a goal or maybe they are doing it because they simply want to. However, whatever the reason, you should treat running a marathon with the right amount of respect. Many who have attempted to run one before you failed because they did not do so. One of the best things you ...

Strength Training Exercises For Runners (Popularity: )
Weight training for runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes has an important role and place in the pre-season and in-season training programs and should not be an afterthought. In fact, many coaches use strength and weight training as an integral part of their yearly plan just like track interval workouts, long, slow endurance runs and hill repeats. You should approach strength training with the same preparatory building, periodization and recovery ...

Muscle Cramps in Runners (Popularity: )
Introduction Muscle cramping is probably an inevitable experience for most runners and other endurance athletes and has to be one of the more common questions asked by patients in our sports medicine clinic. I'll cover the basics about the causes of the typical type of muscle cramps, as well review some of the medical literature regarding current concepts in treatment and prevention and try to explain some of the myths and ...