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             09 December, 2023


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Cow's Milk and Iron Deficiency: Why Cow's Milk May Not Be Good For Your Child (Popularity: )
As an expectant mother with persistently low haemoglobin levels, I was intrigued to discover from my own research that there is a link between cow's milk and iron deficiency anaemia. I grew up subscribing to the general wisdom that cow's milk is a rich source of calcium and iron. I was even on the school milk programme, getting my daily dose of plain and flavoured milk in pyramid-shaped packs. Yet, after ...

DIGESTION (Popularity: )
DEFINITION: The processes in which complex food that contains carbohydrates, protein and fat is converted into simple food particles by the action of certain chemicals so that it can be used by the body to perform various functions. WHY DIGESTION IS NECESSARY? When food is taken, it is not in a form that can be used by the body to perform proper functions so first it must be changed into smaller food molecules ...

Does Acai Juice Do Anything For You? (Popularity: )
With the popularity Acai has recently received many people are probably wondering; "Does Acai juice do anything for you...or is it just a scam"? As a long time Acai user I can definitely say Yes Acai does do some amazing things for those who drink it consistently. The key is to get a high quality Acai product that is properly processed to retain all the nutrients the fruit contains. Like ...

Eating Cherries In Texas May Be Good For You (Popularity: )
Cherries. Sweet, tart and oh so good. Individuals in Dallas, Houston and elsewhere in Texas can find them in pies, drinks, pitted, not pitted, juiced, au naturel, maraschinoed, covered with chocolate, sitting on top of whipped cream or blended into special sauces. They've become part of our nation's folklore with George Washington cutting down a cherry tree. Even cherried rats, in research, have proven that cherries can do more that ...

Eating Healthy, Being Healthy (Popularity: )
Eating constitutes one of the most important familiar and social activities. When selecting our food and planning our meals we are influenced by history, culture, and environment, as well as by our particular preferences and taste. Food is a source of gratification and pleasure that, combined with a good nutrition, has vital effects on our health and quality of life. Healthy eating habits are essential for adequate children’s growth and development, ...

Fiber Foods - Some Key Benefits (Popularity: )
People all around the world suffer from the diseases of digestive system and extra weight and are desperate to deal with them. Most of them do not know that solution to all these problems lie in the totally natural fibrous foods. Fiber foods hold many advantages. Many diseases just start from the irregularity with the digestive system of a person. Usage of fiber foods makes the functionality of the digestive ...

Flax, Ah, Oat-Meal (Popularity: )
Can you answer this age-old question? "How do you eat flax seed with oatmeal?" Some things in life we assume everyone knows. For instance, I just assume that when putting on pants everyone knows the right leg goes in first. Right? I assume it's only natural to set your alarm clock a few minutes fast so when you actually get up it's not as late as it seems. Everyone does ...

For a Healthy Diet Eliminate Simple Carbohydrates (Popularity: )
The world is full of simple sugars. Everywhere we look we are surrounded by a multitude of cakes, cookies, pies, pastries, ice cream and candy. Our sodas, iced teas and many of our water products are loaded with sugar. Sugar is added to every day items including cereal, spaghetti sauce and canned fruit. It is everywhere, and it is killing us slowly – bite by bite. Obesity and diabetes are at ...

Get Adequate Protein Intake With The Help Of Vegetables (Popularity: )
Though many of the vegetarians make use of large amounts of protein, they usually don't absorb the same amount as they might if they shift to non-vegetarian food. This occurs because the proteins found in the plants are not easily digestible whereas animal proteins easily are. Ingesting the animal proteins may yield about 1:1 of absorption ratio, whereas on the consumption of plants based proteins like the wheat may get the ...

Healthy Diet On Rainy Season (Popularity: )
During rainy season we heard about the common disease like loose motion, indigestion, vomiting etc. It's all about the weak digestive fire that we have during rainy season. The humidity increase during the season and use of acidic, oily and salty food reduces digestive fire. In this season some people feel breathless as humidity increase the body temperature that make feel restlessness. The vata accumulated in body during summer season, aggravates ...