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             28 September, 2023

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Get Adequate Protein Intake With The Help Of Vegetables

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2010-10-14 08:36:48     
Article by Sanjay B Sharma

Though many of the vegetarians make use of large amounts of protein, they usually don't absorb the same amount as they might if they shift to non-vegetarian food. This occurs because the proteins found in the plants are not easily digestible whereas animal proteins easily are.

Ingesting the animal proteins may yield about 1:1 of absorption ratio, whereas on the consumption of plants based proteins like the wheat may get the yield of about 45 % of the required amino acids essential for building the "complete protein' which can easily be assimilated in the human body.

For absorbing the adequate amount of protein, vegetarians have to consume different plant proteins for making the complete chains of amino acids. By eating legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds and the whole grain products, the vegetarians can adequately improve the total amount of protein intake.

A useful plant which can be a good source of protein for you is stinging nettle as it has about 27% protein, per dry weight in the peak season.

Vegetarians should eat large amount of those foods which have good quantity of proteins as the plant based proteins are usually much harder for humans to digest. Though nutritional information on pasta may state that it has about 6 grams of protein per serving, yet you may be able to digest no more than 2-3 grams of that, which amply shows that you will need to complement this pasta with other protein rich foods.

Apart from the proteins from natural sources, vegetarians must also consume foods which are "protein fortified" means they are induced with proteins.

For example, many of the stores and supermarkets have a "protein fortified" bread and pasta. I've even seen pasta which has more than 14 grams of protein for each serving. Similarly soy milk can act as a good source of protein for the vegetarians. Many studies on the isolated soy protein have shown that they can be easily assimilated in human body as well as animal proteins giving a 1:1 protein absorption ratio.

For the non-vegan's, milk, yogurt, eggs are good sources of protein. Vegetarians have several option of boosting their protein intake and you should definitely consider all of them. You must start diversifying your food selections, drink more of products made from soy and consume the "protein-fortified" pasta and bread.

Sanjay Sharma is the author of this article and has been in the field of content writing since last 17 years. Please feel free to contact him for consultations regarding your requirement for the content writing at sanjoox(at)gmail.com

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