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             26 November, 2020

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Healthy Diet On Rainy Season

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2007-09-23 10:39:52     
Article by Hitu Mehotra

During rainy season we heard about the common disease like loose motion, indigestion, vomiting etc. It's all about the weak digestive fire that we have during rainy season. The humidity increase during the season and use of acidic, oily and salty food reduces digestive fire.

In this season some people feel breathless as humidity increase the body temperature that make feel restlessness. The vata accumulated in body during summer season, aggravates in the rainy season. The rainy season can be divided into two parts: the beginning and the ending season.

In the beginning period of rainy season we should eat light and easily digestive food. The food should be chew properly so that it can digest easily.

The milk is the better diet in this season. We should eat food that does not increase kapha and pitta. Oily food should be taken in less quantity.

Eat whole kidney beans, fresh curd, kheer, bottle guard, fenugreek etc. Do not eat forcibly and drink lot of water and fresh juice.Take honey with food to reduce vata.

Drink butter milk as it improve digestion.

The ending rainy season is very humid and irritating. It is better to take food that reduce pitta in body. Do not eat sour, fried, very hot and spicy food. Drink lemon juice and sugar before eating food to improve digestion and energize the body. It prevents constipation and strengthen brain.

Cucumber is very good for health during this season as it contains phosphorous and iron elements. Drink boiled water, cover all the food items and do not eat stale food.

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