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             23 January, 2021

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How to Rediscover Your Natural State of Creativity

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2008-08-13 08:25:27     
Article by Dan Goodwin

You know when you're not as creative as you could be.

Part of this comes from comparing how creative you are now to how creative you've been in the past. Even though our memories can distort the truth a little and that "lost golden age of creativity" that you remember with such nostalgic fondness is likely to not be as far from where you are now as you think it is, you still know you're not as creative as you have been.

The other part of this knowledge of not creating at your full potential is deeper, more instinctive. It's not based on comparing logical facts and figures. It's a fundamental knowing that there's more than this.

Whether you call it intuition, instinct, a sixth sense or something else, if I said to you right now: "Are you creating at your full potential?", you could answer in a moment.

And your answer would probably be "No, not even close".

So as you try to be more creative, you're not actually venturing out into unknown territory. It's not a mythical adventure to faraway unchartered lands, where you have no idea what you'll find or whether you'll even like it there.

No, when you seek ways of being more creative, you're RE-discovering what's always been in you. As you become more creative, you're finding your way home.

What difference would this believing this concept make to your creativity? If you believed that each step you take towards being more creative was a step closer to home, a step nearer to your natural, creative state of being?

Instead then of thinking of being more creative as some impossible conquest, you could then see it as the journey you're meant to take, along a route you already know.

Hang on though, if it's so easy, and fulfilling your creative potential is simply about returning to a natural state of being, why aren't you there now? Why does it still feel so far away?

The answer is because your map's got damaged.

Over years of what's often felt like wandering in the creative wilderness, your map back home has become disheveled and torn. All those doubts, insecurities, criticisms, negative beliefs and disappointments have added layer upon layer of grime and dirt on your map and obscured the way back - the way to creativity.

But here's the greatest point in all of this. You don't need the map. You've got something better, more accurate, more fundamental, that can never be damaged, torn or destroyed.

Deep within you is your compass. We can call it your Creativity Compass. It's simply that same inner feeling we talked about earlier on. When you listen to your compass - when you cut through the noise, doubts and distraction and listen to your SELF - it will always guide you back to where you need to be. Back to your natural state of creativity.

Now doesn't that give you great comfort in your quest for reaching your full creativity?

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