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             23 June, 2021


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Life Outside of the Fishbowl Or the Box (Popularity: )
'Normal' sanity has its "privileges", sure. Like being a "functioning adult on the day shift". But insanity as it is known, can be good or great, especially when productively thinking "outside of the box" or "fishbowl" of non-creative "normality". What I mean is, genuine happiness comes from being genuinely productive and free, sure. But, it also comes from being genuinely creative and really living on your own terms (as I do ...

Exploring Your Higher Mind - The Role of Our Subconscious Minds in Enhancing Creativity (Popularity: )
Sensing Your Supermind. What does it take to get in contact with your Super mind? Not as much as you may think. Many of us have been trained to only listen to our rational, left-brain thinking mind. We tend to ignore our intuition if it doesn't fit with our rational mindset. This is because we are used to thinking everything through in a logical, step by step way. However, the subconscious ...

Rediscovering Your Creativity - How to Get Your Toes Wet (Popularity: )
Many of us find ourselves in the position of creating very little, if anything at all, however desperate we are to be creative. The longer we go without creating, the harder it seems to get back on our artistic horse and gallop bravely onwards. In fact we're so despondent and dejected we'd be grateful of even a gentle trot on a tired old donkey! This is often the root of the ...

Creative Communities - Why There's No Need to Struggle to Create Alone (Popularity: )
The majority of creative artists - such as writers, painters, photographers and mixed media artists - spend their time creating alone, without the input of anyone else. While this may well be necessary when creating it doesn't mean you have to remain in isolation for the rest of your time. The reason why so many creative people give up creating, even though they're producing wonderful artwork, is because they simply feel ...

No Superman Energy Left to Make Art? (Popularity: )
You're overwhelmed with too many demands: a house to clean, kids to raise, a living to earn. Seems there's always something more important than indulging yourself in making art. A New Yorker cartoon shows Superman, the disguise of his everyday suit stripped off and flung over a deckchair. There he lies on a tropical beach wearing sunglasses, sunblock, and sipping a cool drink, with a big red S emblazoned on his ...

How to Rediscover Your Natural State of Creativity (Popularity: )
You know when you're not as creative as you could be. Part of this comes from comparing how creative you are now to how creative you've been in the past. Even though our memories can distort the truth a little and that "lost golden age of creativity" that you remember with such nostalgic fondness is likely to not be as far from where you are now as you think it is, ...

Creative Ideas - Are You Rejecting Your Children at Birth? (Popularity: )
Would you say you have all the great creative ideas you need for your creativity to flow freely and express its full potential? Ideas are the foundations of all creative expression. They're the acorns from which your mighty creative oak trees will grow, the sure footing and sound structure that will support your magnificent creative architecture. When you feel you don't have any ideas, you don't have anything to create from, and ...

How To Create As Easily As You Breathe (Popularity: )
How easy do you find it to create? Does your creative energy flow like the breath of a Buddhist meditating on a mountain top? Or is it more like a heavy smoker wheezing after a brisk run on a cold morning? Here are 5 steps to being able to create as easily and as naturally as possible: 1. Accept that creativity is a natural state of being. Just as we're born ...

Conscious Link Of Creativity To Spirituality - 9 Tips To Increase The Connection (Popularity: )
We are all creative. Spirit creates us, therefore, the connection is already there. It was there from our beginning. Many of us have awareness that our connection was erased, or at least blurred, by the opinions and actions of significant people in our lives. How do we reconnect? Have you had an experience of a teacher or parent telling you that a childhood creation of yours was wrong: red when it ...

Some Myths About Creativity (Popularity: )
Almost all office mission statements nowadays emphasize the need for superior creative faculties to mold the workplace into near perfection. All human resources departments include creativity in their list of qualifications for hiring, even though the term 'creativity' is actually very vague, when we really dig deep into the matter. True, creativity is an all too encompassing, general and abstract term that it is difficult to define in a universal ...