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             24 November, 2020

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Brilliant Ideas - How to Have Them

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2007-12-31 05:56:32     
Article by Andrew Broadhead

The way to be creative and have brilliant ideas is very simple, but it is a technique that many people do not feel comfortable using.

To have great ideas, you must come up with lots and lots of ideas. Your ideas will, of necessity, be good, bad AND ugly. Most of them will be so awful that you will almost certainly dismiss them before you even allow yourself to write them down.

This is a massive mistake. Brilliant people have just as many bad ideas as everyone else. The difference is that they do not let that fact stop them from writing the idea down and then coming up with loads more ideas. They simply set aside their judgment while they are in the brainstorming phase and then later on they discard the ideas that are not so brilliant.

The secret is to trust that if you come up with enough ideas and do not judge them at all, you will eventually come up with a few good or even brilliant ideas.

Sound too good to be true? How many people do you know that actually allow themselves to come up with lots of bad ideas? Not too many I would imagine. Most people are so conditioned by society to judge everything, that anything different or new gets automatically discarded as rubbish.

Try this technique with honesty and an open mind. It never fails - assuming you stick with it. Remember though, you may have to have a thousand ideas that do not work until you get one that does. If you do not believe this, look up one of the greatest inventors of all time, Thomas Edison, on the net to see how many attempts it took him to invent the light bulb...

Most aspiring artists are told to throw away their first 100 paintings because the chances are they will be clinched or simply not very good. In the same way, potential novelists are told that they will probably have to write around a million words before they are any good, or that they will more than likely not get a publishing contract until they have written three or four novels. I ask again, how many of us are that dedicated that we would stick it out? Success comes to those that persist and never quit.


You can read more from Andrew at his blog where he discusses all manner of self-improvement and spiritual matters.

Andrew successfully gave up the 'rat race' almost four years ago and now writes and works from his home in rural Derbyshire, UK. Having been on a spiritual path for most of his adult life, Andrew now feels inwardly compelled to share some of the things he has found along the way.

I believe that each of us should teach just as we should also learn. In the same way that there are many further along the spiritual path than us, there is always at least one person behind that may find some guidance in what we have to say.

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