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             23 June, 2021

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Seek To Know Your Inner Guide

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2007-08-29 10:00:30     
Article by Richard Blackstone

The spiritual aspect of your being is an integral factor in the conscious creation of your life. This spirituality information can transform your life from one of quiet desperation to one of active manifestation.

We are all made up as three part beings. The physical aspect of our being is our body and it is our body that has the wonderful task of experiencing the life journey. The non-physical aspect of our being is our mind. It is our mind that has the ability to turn the unseen into the seen. Your mind can manifest physical reality out of thin air. It is the backstage crew that moves all of the props around in the play of our lives. The meta-physical aspect of our being is our spirit or soul. Our soul is the fountain of our desires and is our direct link to the source of all that exists.

We are so much more that just our physical bodies and when you become aware of the spiritual aspect of your being you can begin to use this valuable part of you to help guide you to whatever it is that you really desire.

You see, your soul is not only your contact point with the infinite source of energy that is the universe and beyond, it has also been assigned the duty of guiding you through the myriad of choices necessary to travel your life experience.

You are not alone in this venture called "Life on Planet Earth." You are never without your most valuable asset, your spirit. Your spirit can see much farther into the future of your desires than you can as just a human being wandering through time and space. That is why it is such a great guide.

Here is how it works. When you put an intention out into the universe it is always granted. The universe always says yes to whatever you desire. This can be a two-edged sword because some of your desires serve you and some of them do not serve you in taking you to your dreamed of goals.

Your spirit can discern which of your thoughts and actions serve you and which do not serve you and give you immediate feedback as you travel your path. This immediate feedback comes to you in the form of your emotions. When you are thinking thoughts and taking actions that are in alignment with your desires you receive positive emotions that feel 'good.' When you are thinking thoughts and taking actions that are not in alignment with your desires you receive negative emotions that feel 'bad.'

There is no time delay. Your inner guide is on duty at all times and can see far beyond your limited physical reality. It knows how the universe is rearranging the future to accommodate your desires and will let you know when you are straying from your path.

Your part in this collaboration is be attentive and aware of your feelings. When you are feeling good you know that what you are doing and what you are thinking is in alignment with your vision. If you are feeling bad, your spirit is telling you that whatever you are doing or thinking is not in alignment with your vision.

Your best course of action is to stop what you are doing or thinking and begin to think thoughts or take actions that make you feel good again. This will get you back on track and moving in the direction of your goals.

The key, of course, is awareness. You need to be awake and aware of your feelings. That is easy to do because you are only required to know if you are feeling good or bad. Then understand that those feelings are being sent to your by your inner guide, your spirit. It is the secret code to your success. Except now, it's not a secret anymore.

The highest "good" feeling you can have is one of JOY so always try to think thoughts and take actions that give you a feeling of JOY. Train yourself to be more consciously aware of your feelings. You can do this. It is called discipline and your discipline means that you are a disciple to yourself. Isn't that a great thought? Does that thought bring you JOY?

Prioritize your self in the decisions you make about your life. Prioritize JOY as the number one feeling that you want to experience at all times throughout every day. Soon, you will condition yourself to be in JOY many times during the day and your life will change before your very eyes.

Richard Blackstone is an award winning author and international speaker on Love, Oneness & Creation. Journey into discovery of Self by reading this FREE report; "The 3 Simple Immutable Laws of the Universe" at: http://www.NutsandBoltsSpirituality.com

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