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             28 January, 2021

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Succeed In Life Through Visualisation

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2007-07-09 11:16:15     
Article by Stephen Ryan

What is visualisation and why should I bother with it?

Visualisation is a technique where you use your imagination to create a picture or movie in your mind that you deliberately put together yourself. Rather like painting a picture you have complete control to create an image that you desire. By seeing this picture you will:

a) be able to focus more on achieving that goal because you are very clear what you want.

b) be providing yourself with a boost in confidence and motivation as you will start to believe that you can actually achieve that particular goal and will also be more likely to persist with your plans.

c) avoid the negative influences of other people as you have already made the decision about what you want to achieve.

You should try to visualise everyday whenever you have a spare moment. Try to make this a habit maybe on the commute to work, before you go to bed or whenever best suits you. First try to clear your mind of everything else. You may wish to use some relaxation techniques here, some people find deep breathing works fine: deep breaths in through the nose out through the mouth. Now simply create the mental image in your mind that you wish to achieve.

The image you see should be as real as possible. Who is there? What colour clothes are people wearing? What time is it? What is the exact situation? Even what does it smell like and most importantly, how does it feel to have achieved this mental image and goal?

Tips to develop your visualisation skills:

Some people find it difficult to develop visualisation techniques. Here are a couple of exercises you can try to improve yours:

1) Close your eyes and think of someone close to you...your partner, parent friend or whoever. Now focus on their face. What shape is it? Once you've got the shape now fill in as many of the details as you can? The hairstyle, skin texture and so on. How accurate can you make this picture? After a few attempts you should be able to develop this into a very life like image and given time you will be able to use this skill to visualise other objects, people and places easily.

2) This time think of a happy memory. Maybe the first time you met your partner or a particularly happy afternoon on holiday. Now select one scene or image and try and rebuild that scene in your mind again in as much detail as possible. Really see yourself in your mind living that memory again.

You may also wish to experiment with the law of attraction here. Choose a pleasant experience or object you would like to possess. Choose something not too out of the ordinary...like winning the lottery, maybe something like a chance meeting with an old friend, a bouquet of flowers or something else along those lines. Hold the thought of that thing in your mind. Visualise it as we have been talking about and try to hold the image for a minute or so excluding all other distractions and actually experience the feeling of having it now.

Do this a few times throughout the day for a few days then wait and really expect for it to show-up in your life. Now I'm not going to gaurantee anything here but I think you should try this for yourself and see what manifests in your life.

Inside of you is an immense amount of power. By focussing on yourself and your mind you are able to create and control the circumstances around you. Visualisation is one technique that can help you do this. Whilst work and taking action is always required the power of your mind and of Positive Thinking is immense and you have full control of it.

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