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             23 January, 2021

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The Power Of Imagination

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2007-10-21 15:05:52     
Article by Susan Velez

The power of imagination is the most powerful tool you can use to help you create the life you desire. The best part is that it is free and anyone can utilize it. You can also learn to have fun with it as you create your life in your mind and watch it become a reality.

We all used the power of imagination when we were children; but for some reason we stopped utilizing it when we were told by our parents or society "to get real, we can not do that."

As children we tend to think we can be do have anything we want. Ask any child and they will give you a response like:

-they want to go to the moon

-they want to become the president

-they want to play in the NFL

-they want to race cars

-they want to live abroad

Whatever they tell you; they use their power of imagination to think about what they want to be do have.

The cool thing is you can use the techniques taught in personal development combined with the power of imagination to begin thinking about what you would like to attract in your life.

Personal development teaches us how we have control over our lives; we can not blame anyone else for anything. Even though sometimes we would love to blame others for things that are not going right in our lives.

It is your job to find out where your passion is, then begin seeing yourself in that situation and the more you visualize yourself in that situation you desire you will begin attracting it to you.

This will work for you in both positive and negative situations. The more you utilize the power of imagination for things you do not desire, those things are drawn to you. So your job is to focus your attention and energy on the things that make you happy and take your mind off of things that do not make you happy or things you do not wish to experience.

So how can you begin to utilize this powerful tool to attract all the good to you?

1.) Read as much and learn about personal development and what it entails. After all this is the first step to begin taking control of your life and realizing that you have no one to blame but yourself for your life.

2.) Do not just read the information; after all anyone can read the information on personal development. If you do not take action and begin utilizing the power of the imagination then how can you expect things to be any different for you? It will work when it becomes a habit and you learn to utilize it on a daily basis.

3.) Patience. We live in a society where people expect things to happen overnight. Once you begin putting everything into action it does take time for everything to manifest. However believe that it is manifesting and begin acting and believing like it already has.

In order for anything to work in our lives, it must become a habit that we do on a daily basis, you too can begin to use the power of imagination to attract all the good you desire.

So take the time today to sit down and figure out what your goals are and what you expect from life. As you begin to figure it out begin envisioning yourself in the positive situation and be sure to keep your mind off of the negative.

Imagination is the key to living the life of your dreams. So it will benefit you to find out how to utilize it and make the most of it.

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