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             31 October, 2020


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A Basic Introduction To Important Cosmic Laws (Popularity: )
The Cosmic Law of thought Is the Cosmic Law wherein energy follows thought. Wherever thought goes, energy will flow. Therefore, those who wish to energize need only to direct their thoughts toward that target which needs energizing. The Law of Thought, combined with the Law of Co-creation is the answer to HOW and WHY Prayer and Healing works and How and WHY it only takes 144 human co-creating Lightworkers to quickly and ...

A New Religion for a New Age (Popularity: )
When recently I read a book titled "What We Believe But Cannot Prove", edited by John Brockman, I realised that so much of what we "believe" is based on nonsense, fiction, suspect 'scientific fact', and good old wishful thinking. At the end of the day there are things that are knowable and things that aren't and we have to accept that and just get on with our lives. Take the ...

A Spiritual View of Aging (Popularity: )
The fear of aging continues to affect us today as individuals and as a society, as if the later years in life were but a testimony to uselessness and helplessness, and only youth and strength were to be valued. For this reason, we bleach our teeth white, we color our hair blonde, we take male-enhancement pills to promote more vigorous sexuality, we turn away from all that reminds us, visibly, ...

A Walk in the Park (Popularity: )
It's Saturday morning, EARLY, though somehow my ten-month old son hasn't seemed to notice this. He hasn't developed weekend sensitivity yet. We are sitting in the park, playing jungle-jim, jungle-jim. He gets to be Jim and I am the jungle...to be leopard-crawled over and whacked into submission. As I halfheartedly play, my thoughts drift to what I really want to be doing: reading, writing, editing some new channellings. This makes ...

Angels Are Here to Help Us (Popularity: )
Angels are right here with us all the time. They are ready to help us -- but they can't if we don't let them. For instance, what do you think happens if we say "Angels, please send me someone to love." Then, we turn around and close our hearts because we "know" we aren't lovable. Or what about when we say, "Angels, I need money and I need it now." Then, ...

Be Baptized Now (Popularity: )
Last night I had a very restless sleep. An urgency in my spirit would not allow full rest. It seems that Jesus our Savior is indeed on His way to earth to catch away those waiting and watching for Him. Being born again is great but there must be a following into baptism by immersion signifying the Lord's death and burial and coming up out of the water as in His ...

Become a Part of the Faith with Bellevue Baptist Church (Popularity: )
It is imperative that children are brought up in the Christian faith. For this, it is important that children at a young age are introduced to the community of faith and service. The earlier the children are introduced to devotion the better it will be for them. With this, the teachings of God will be taught to the children and it will become a part of their personality. Children are ...

Binaural Beats - What Do They Feel Like? (Popularity: )
When people are thinking of using Binaural Beats to aid their meditation, usually they have little or no knowledge of the possible feelings they will experience whilst using Binaural Beats. There are many symptoms of meditation, but with Binaural Beats you may experience them sooner rather than after months/years of practice. I am now going to try and pass you some valuable information about Binaural Beats. Why is it valuable? Because ...

Bless the Lord At All Times (Popularity: )
David, in Psalms 34, begins with these words, “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” As Christians we should have the same attitude. Nothing should be able to defeat us in this world. Knowing that we belong to Him and that He is always with us should give us a joy that overcomes any reversals of life. How can we say we believe ...

Change Your Words - Change Your Life Through the Power of Words (Popularity: )
I must tell you from personal experience that when I learned the power of words, it completely changed my life. Do you know that words are things? Each and every day you give life to things with your words. Jesus said, "Life and death are in the power of the tongue." God also said that, "You will be satisfied by the fruit of your lips." There are many references in ...