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Become a Part of the Faith with Bellevue Baptist Church

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2013-04-15 00:30:38     
Article by Mitchell Ethan O.

It is imperative that children are brought up in the Christian faith. For this, it is important that children at a young age are introduced to the community of faith and service. The earlier the children are introduced to devotion the better it will be for them. With this, the teachings of God will be taught to the children and it will become a part of their personality. Children are innocent and absorb information easily. Therefore, it is the duty of the parents that they bring up the children around the people of faith. Bellevue Baptist Church believes that children are precious. Like Jesus loved all little children, the church too practices love and compassion for children. The church believes that children require a comprehensive, caring ministry to instill good values in them. And this is exactly what the church offers. It does this through a wide range of programming with the help of which children experience acceptance, engage in learning, enjoy themselves and live their faith.

Adolescence is a critical stage. Children in this age need to be brought closer to worship and kept in prayer. Bellevue Church engages the students in a variety of activities. Students can become a part of the church with the help of the Student Ministry. The ministry helps the students in building deep relationships with other believers. It guides students in making disciples of all nations. Mainly it assists the students in living out the reality of the faith. Becoming a part of the church will help the student get spiritually contentment.

Church Bellevue Baptist has special group meetings to cater to college students through the college ministry. It functions on the strong principles of Christianity. The main characteristic of Bellevue's vow to God's Word has been the dedicated Bible preaching by the pastors. Bellevue also has a number of life groups that focus on people of different ages. Life Groups focus on taking the eternal truth of God's Word and making it a reality in their lives. And make it a part of your life. With the variety of groups no matter what your age is or what stage in life are you at, there is a life group at Bellevue for you as well as every member of your family.

There are three steps to becoming a member of Bellevue Church. The person interested in joining the faith and become a part of the ministries and the life groups have to present themselves for membership during any Worship Service when the invitation is given at the end of the message. The person will then have to express the desire for membership in the Baptist Church.

If you are currently a member of another Southern Baptist Church, the Bellevue Baptist church will accept the person as a member upon promise of a letter from that church. Bellevue will contact the concerned church to notify them of the person’s decision and request the letter. The new member will have to attend the New Member Step 1 class that is specially designed for new members.

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