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             15 April, 2021

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A New Religion for a New Age

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2006-09-25 01:49:57     
Article by Robin Henry

When recently I read a book titled "What We Believe But Cannot Prove", edited by John Brockman, I realised that so much of what we "believe" is based on nonsense, fiction, suspect 'scientific fact', and good old wishful thinking. At the end of the day there are things that are knowable and things that aren't and we have to accept that and just get on with our lives. Take the idea of God for example.

Religions purporting to be associated with this or that God have been around as long as we have. Of our current religions, Buddhists believe that there is no God; Christians follow the alleged teachings of the 'Son of God', Muslims are sure that Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Him) was the last prophet who laid down God's dictum for human behaviour. Only the Hare Krishna religion is brave enough to state that Krishna WAS God who had appeared as Krishna and makes regular appearances as different living beings. Of course there are numerous other religious themes pandering to the inner needs of those who can't live without the certainty that there is a higher being who loves them and cares for their every need.

At the end of the day, nobody can say with any degree of certainty if any of the current crop of religions is accurate or autentic or if in fact there is a supreme being lording it over us. Gladly, the atheists and agnostics fall into the same boat ... nobody knows whether they are right or wrong. It's a Catch 22 situation that has led to much debate, wonderful constructions and artwork, beautiful music, and much bloodshed over the past few thousand years.

But, historically, most religions have been assigned to the waste basket which is a good indicator that the religions of our time will come and go too ... nothing in this world is permanent after all. The question is, what new religions will follow the demise of our current trend of religions?

Well, I'm happy to say that there is no need to panic as there is at least one new religion evolving that is as interesting as any of the current religions and in many cases, much more sensible (my view of course). Details of the religion I'm referring to are said to have been stored in earthly repositories awaiting the time in human developmental history in which we could sufficiently understand and explore its tenets. That time is now and the information that will help us better understand ourselves, our colleagues and the universe in which we live, is being released gradually and will continue to be released for a decade or two to come.

Much of the understanding that stems from this new religion is captured in beautiful music, artwork and philosophical writings. There is no original sin, no rewards and punishments, miracles, night time revelations or commandments that tell us what to do and how to do it. Rather, it is intended to open our subconscious to a new way of thinking and living.

Unfortunately, there is no rock solid guarantee that what is being revealed to us now is any more true than any of the other stuff that has been revealed through the current crop of religions. But those who believe in God will be heartened to know that this new religion acknowledges a First Source intelligence central to all that is. He, she or it lives so far away from here that it is necessary to employ a Central Race of beings to populate multiverses that extend far and wide through what we call the universe.

By now, I expect you will be saying, "Oh, yeah, more alien visitor BS". I did too. However, I have an open, inquisitive mind and asked myself whether it is any less feasible that our originators came from the heavens than it is that we evolved through billions of accidents over billions of years. And I had to answer that it isn't (I've never accepted the evolution argument in its entirety). Maybe there is a First Source. Maybe First Source created a race of beings to do the hard work (wouldn't you do that rather than do it all yourself?). Maybe what is being revealed is finally something that we can count on as being truthful. I don't know. What I do know is that it is a very interesting read and well worth exploring if you are in any way interested in philosophy or religion.

You'll find information about the New Religion. It is not a bunch of new age baloney being pushed by a group of weirdos, rather, much of the discussion is indeed very intelligent if at times complex. I'm sure you'll find it interesting as I have. Look for the video introduction, it's really excellent.

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