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             27 June, 2022

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Angels Are Here to Help Us

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2009-06-30 06:56:04     
Article by Jan Tincher

Angels are right here with us all the time. They are ready to help us -- but they can't if we don't let them. For instance, what do you think happens if we say "Angels, please send me someone to love." Then, we turn around and close our hearts because we "know" we aren't lovable.

Or what about when we say, "Angels, I need money and I need it now." Then, we turn around and feel penniless, because we "know" we aren't worthy of receiving exactly what we ask for. Or what about when we say, "Angels, please send me a purpose in my life. I feel like I'm drowning in nothingness." Then, we turn around and feel a failure because we "know" we can't do anything.

This happens to everyone at some time in their life. There are few who have reached the pinnacle and no longer have self-doubts. So, what about the rest of us? The rest of us that have self doubts? What can we do to reach that level of serenity? Where do we start?

Maybe it's not so much 'Where do we start', but WHEN do we start? We start right now. We start the minute we feel unlovable. How do we do it? We do it by canceling that unlovable thought out and asking for love. We start the minute we feel unworthy. How do we do it? We do it by canceling that unworthy thought out and asking for love.

We start the minute we feel like a failure. How do we do it? We do it by canceling that failure thought out and asking for love. Keep asking, keep asking, keep asking, until you can accept your Angels' love. All the Angels will rejoice.

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