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             26 June, 2022

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A Basic Introduction To Important Cosmic Laws

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2006-09-22 22:07:35     
Article by Leonard Hascall

The Cosmic Law of thought
Is the Cosmic Law wherein energy follows thought. Wherever thought goes, energy will flow. Therefore, those who wish to energize need only to direct their thoughts toward that target which needs energizing.

The Law of Thought, combined with the Law of Co-creation is the answer to HOW and WHY Prayer and Healing works and How and WHY it only takes 144 human co-creating Lightworkers to quickly and easily CHANGE OUR WORLD -- vibration rate-wise, governmental-wise, political-wise, economic-wise, peace-wise poverty-wise, health-wise, medical-wise, education-wise, social order-wise, and any way, shape and form of otherwise without need for violence, conflict, judicial action or any current rational mind worldly way or system.

The Law of Information

Is that Cosmic Law which states that all information is energy and carries energy, and that all energy is information and carries information. The understanding of this Law explains the principles of the paranormal situation.

Those Lightworkers who appropriately apply these Cosmic Laws in a co-creative manner not only may, but CAN, rewrite past, present and future situations, conditions, lifestyles, environs and history for the body of humanity upon this planet and planet Earth as well. Keep in mind also: Whatever happens and /or is done here on planet Earth has an immediate and resultant influence and impact upon other areas throughout all vibratory realms of the material universe and the Universe of Spirit (anti-matter) as well. WHY? Because Planet Earth is a Universal Focal Point for Universal Creative Action based upon FREE WILL CHOICE!

Akasha is the indestructible eternal anti-matter spirit -energy body of the Supreme Creator, the fully aware Essence of all things, including the Creative Force Vibration aspects of all minds and thoughts. Akasha is always everywhere present, even into virgin void areas of consciousness whereon no creative force vibration has yet been etched . Akasha is ONE fully aware body of anti-matter bubbles of Spirit Energy, magnetically non-polarized until invoked quantum bubbles are activated and polarized for creative action. All things are Akashic Energy forms of expression. AKA-strings, or AKA-Cords tie all beings, created forms, thoughts, events, vibrations, imaginings together, thus making the actions of any one entity a reflected influence upon all other entities in and of Universal Consciousness, moment by moment, in an ever-present eternal timeless NOW. No action of mind or thought can be isolated, for all things are linked together in the tangled webs - the AKA-Cords of Mind.

The speed of thought is instantaneous. Distance is of no consequence. Why, because thought is energy and thought is information and wherever thought goes, energy flows. Energy follows thought and IS information , carried multi-dimensionally and interdimensionally, throughout the material universe and the ONE entire spirit body of fully aware akasha instantaneously via vibration resonance. This indicates why mental and holistic telepathy are reasonable and super methods of natural communication available at all times between entities, both here and hereafter.

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