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             25 October, 2020

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Sagittarius Sign North Node - Your Soul’s Mission and Path to Fulfillment

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2006-11-08 01:51:41     
Article by Julia Simkin

The nodes (south and north node) are two points in an astrological chart that possess priceless information about one's karmic past and soul-destined future.Calculated by using the birth data of the individual, the nodes symbolize the unique life path that one is on and can answer many questions about his own, as well as his partner's, inner struggles and desires -- answers that can transform not only his relationship but his life.

Since there are twelve signs of the zodiac, there are also twelve unique nodal positions -- each pair of nodes (north and south) representing two opposite signs of the zodiac. For instance, a Sagittarius sign north node is paired with an Gemini sign south node because they are opposites. And because they are opposites, they create a clear picture of the dualistic struggle that resides within the Sagittarius north node/Gemini south node individual.

Often, the individual is unaware of the war taking place inside, a situation that could go on for years. As time passes he is dumfounded by his inability to progress in life - professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. He doesn't understand why he keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again and continues to dwell on the past as he desperately dreams of the future.

All of us have our own set of visible (and invisible) struggles to work through -- obstacles that the Nodes of the Moon can help us isolate and resolve while simultaneously freeing us to move forward on our destined path.

We all know that knowledge is power...and that's why I offer a bit of it to you...to give you the strength and courage you need to not only live, but thrive.

This week I'd like to begin with a brief overview of the Sagittarius sign north node/Gemini sign south node position.

To start, let's take a look at some keywords. These words describe the polarity between these two opposing signs and can offer you a glimpse of the soul journey that the individual with this nodal position is on.

Just remember that the south node represents the comfortable but not necessarily healthy habits within your personality - patterns that have accumulated over lifetimes that now need to be acknowledged and released.

The north node, on the other hand, represents your soul's potential - the direction of the future...the behavioral habits that will lead you to greater happiness and the kind of life that you will find fulfilling.

Here are a few Gemini sign south node traits that should be put to rest, sort of speak, if the individual with this nodal position is to live an emotionally rich life:

Inconsistent, deceptive, nervous, tense, unreliable, distracted, moody, gossipy, easily bored, unfocused, manipulative, scattered, lost in the present, high-strung.

Here are a few Sagittarius sign north node traits that this individual might at first find foreign but eventually will need to embrace if he is to connect to his true soul potential and live the life he was meant to live:

Optimistic, straightforward, truth-seeking, ethical, goal-oriented, futuristic, philosophical, love for freedom, love for nature, love for travel (intellectual, spiritual, and/or physical), desire to teach.

The journey from a Gemini sign south node to a Sagittarius sign north node will not be easy. But then again, neither is anything else in life that’s worth doing.

Obstacles are simply strategically placed hurdles meant to remind us of our inner strength and hidden needs. Therefore, as long as the Sagittarius sign north node individual remembers that his soul is creating the kind of life he needs in order to evolve as a spiritual individual, he will make it through the transformation just fine.

The following are some of the hurdles that the Sagittarius north node individual must overcome in order to feel a sense of direction in his life;

• He must release his fear of commitment

• He must explore who he is at the core; what he believes in and what he is willing to defend

• He must stop participating in gossip and trying to pass others’ opinions as his own

• He must realize that constant duality in thought and action only leads to unsteadiness and confusion

• He must learn to make choices

• He must seek higher knowledge

• He must practice speaking his own truth

• He must let go of all that is superficial within himself and devote his life to searching out the real and natural

For only when the Sagittarius sign north individual masters the lessons mentioned above, will he be able to create the soul-connected existence he so desperately seeks.

The north node path is offering the Sagittarius sign soul an opportunity to gain wisdom, strength, and freedom. But it is still up to him to decide whether to accept the gift.

Having said all that, it might not be such a bad idea for the Sagittarius sign north node soul to surround himself with as many people and symbols that can support his journey. By encircling himself with people who understand him and symbols that exude the Sagittarius sign energy, he invites the support needed to follow his internal voice and path to fulfillment.

Now, if you’re reading this article and it's your mate that has the Sagittarius sign north node, and you do that for your mate, well...that's just about the greatest gift that you could ever give him/or her.

Why? Well, because there's nothing like the feeling one gets when he realizes that he has found someone who really gets him -- a true friend...lover...and the irreplaceable soul companion he's been searching for his entire life.

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