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             25 January, 2022

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Chinese Astrology Birth Chart

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2010-07-03 08:53:21     
Article by Tamoor Khan

The Chinese Astrology Birth Chart was a chart created by the Chinese around 1000 years back. The originality of the chart cannot be questioned, and it is said that the original remains buried in a tomb close to Beijing. However, the same chart is also used by the Beijing Institute of Science. The actual use of the Chinese astrology birth chart is to determine the sex of a child before its birth by taking into assessment the month of conception as well as the age of the mother at that time. For instance, if you conceive a baby in the 8th month of the calendar, at the age of 35, then the calendar determines the sex of your baby as a boy. Similarly, if you conceive a baby in the 5th month of the calendar and your age is 40 at that time, the chart's prediction states that your child would be a baby girl.

However, the accuracy of the Chinese astrology birth chart has come under fire, because many people experienced that the chart didn't always produce the right result. Some people have gone so far as to say that the reliability of the Chinese astrology birth chart is almost as similar as flipping a coin. However, it is rumored that many people don't know how to decipher the chart correctly, which often results in the wrong outcome. Those who do know how to use the chart correctly have never actually complained about its accuracy. However, many people still search the internet rigorously to find any details on using the Chinese astrology birth chart properly, which is quite an uphill task. It is also important to calculate the month of conception of the baby as well as the age of the mother at that time according to the Chinese lunar calendar. If not, the chart would ultimately give the wrong results. Simply, what people need is to convert the normal calendar (Gregorian) found in everyone's house in to a Chinese calendar.

Some important facts to note while calculating the lunar age are as follows: The first most important thing to keep in mind is that according to the Chinese astrology birth chart, whenever a baby is born, it is already one year of age. It might be confusing for many, but this is what the chart says. Another very important thing to keep in mind while calculating the lunar age is that every person gains one year in age at the Chinese New Year. Keep in mind, it is not the same as the date on which we celebrate New Year i.e. December 31st, but comes sometime around January. Keeping this in mind, for instance if a boy was born on 27th January 2003, then he would become two years of age on 27th February 2006, as the Chinese New Year is on the 27th January.

The basic formation of the Chinese Astrology birth chart is constituted by the Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi). The Chinese Astrology Birth Chart comprises of Four Earthly Branches and four Heavenly Stems.

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