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iPhone Mania

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2007-07-17 11:17:38     
Article by Sharita Star

Hold up Stars before rushing out to get your new iPhone!

You might just want to wait until we see just how operable this new communications product really is. After all, you are all in awareness that it is currently a Mercury Retrograde period, so one can be sure there are some wrinkles in this product to be ironed out first. Now why would one want to initiate a new communication contract under such an astrological transit?

The masses that are now flocking to the store and have been waiting on line for a multitude of hours in advance may be in for some big surprises with the latest do everything but sleep and eat for you phone.

TIMING in business is everything. We wonder why a company like Apple and AT&T would choose to launch such a revolutionary communications product not only when Mercury, the planet that governs over communications and the mechanisms that we utilize for them, is Retrograde. Couple that with Uranus, the planet which governs over reform and advancements in technology, also being in Retrograde- and this is just not a very good idea.

Remember one of the most important rules of Mercury Retrograde: never launch or initiate projects you wish to have long-term success with. PERIOD. And if you do, they are only set up under a foundation that is shaky enough that reworking is inevitable. No doubt there is plenty of indications there may be more than the average fair share of REcalls, REturns and REjections with the new iPhone.

iPHONE is a 31 numerical name expression. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the 31, with all of its' innate talent for originality, invention, genius and advancements for humanity, but as a product name vibration Apple and AT&T would have been wiser to choose a number that naturally will attract and appeal to communications at large, such as one of the 5 vibrations. The 31 is more accustomed to its' time in solitude to create and with its' singular 4 vibration, there is the potential for the fair share of the unexpected to occur once interacting with the masses-especially with 4's ruling planet Uranus being currently retrograde.

One may think there wouldn't be a lot of lexigram knowledge to share with you with a short name, but even the new iPhone does reveal some potentials for what may happen with this new product:







What's interesting about this release date of the new iPhone is that it is intensely Moon ruled under a Cancer sun and a numerically guided numerical 29/2 karmic path, and emotions are ever present. The 29 represents 'Grace Under Pressure' and the potential for emotional upheaval and upsets along the way with the dealings of this product are high. All we can forewarn Apple employees is to deal with any returns and complaints gracefully and with utmost customer service.

One can appreciate Apple and AT&T for revealing a product under a nurturing Cancer 2 vibration that could possibly take the place of our Mothers in all that it is supposed to be able to do for us. But with a 26/8 life path, and under a 31 name expression this product may learn from experience before achieving perfection. With the influence of Saturn guiding the 8, no doubt this product will attain material gains, but the lessons to be learned may be plenty before acquiring them.

We wish Apple and AT&T all the best with the revolutionary iPhone, but we won't be surprised if things need a bit of restructuring along the way. Funny thing about new telecommunications products and the like in this day and age, if we all have the patience to wait to see how they pan out, there's always something new and improved with it around 6 months later. But with TIME being more and more MITE these days, guess for some people 6 months is just too long to wait.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: http://www.sharitastar.com She resides in New York City and currently is working on her first book.

Specialized in: Iphone Mania
URL: http://www.sharitastar.com
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