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             08 August, 2022

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Find What You Want, The Occult Way!

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2008-04-06 06:17:04     
Article by Ramani Iyer

This incident dates back to the eighties, when I was employed in an Airport in a small town in India. One day I received a call from my brother, informing me that my close relative who was in his house, had gone out after a quarrel, and did not return back. He wanted to know whether she had come to my house. I was shocked to hear the news. In fact, she did not come to my house either. I was totally puzzled, not knowing what to do. At that point of time, my assistant in the unit, who was listening to my conversation, offered me the help. He said that he could find my relative, through the help of a lady who had the powers to find out anything that was lost. Honestly, I did not believe him. In any case, in the absence of any other ideas, I accepted his offer and went along with him. He took me to a colony nearby. There was a small house, where I had been taken. One middle aged lady was in the house. She invited both of us inside and asked us to be seated. Looking at me, she said that I had no need to worry and whatever was lost, she would find out and tell me. I simply nodded my head, without any belief.

The lady placed a brass plate in front of her, kept a green banana leaf inside, and applied some black powder like substance on the leaves. Then she closed her eyes and within minutes, went into a trance. Suddenly, she started talking and what I heard from her still rings in my ears,

" Do not worry- She is safe- I can see her sitting inside the house, and there is some argument. She leaves the house now, she is wearing a pink saree, goes on the road, crosses the main road, and after that there is a railway line- there is one big road after that- she goes on that road, now she enters a place full of trees, resembling a forest, but there are houses also. She goes inside one of those houses and I can see her safely there."

I asked whether she knew whose house it was, and the lady replied that the house belonged to one of my relatives by my mother side.

A few days later, my relative came back. We enquired where she had gone. She replied that she went to one of my relative house, exactly as described.

Not only what the lady said was true, she was able to 'see' the entire event ! I was also surprised to know that my relative was wearing a pink saree when she left my brothers house.

There are powers which do exist, beyond the scope of science and its logical and acceptable analysis.

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