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             05 December, 2022

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Gujarat Election 2007 - An Astrological Perspective

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2007-10-25 04:51:45     
Article by Bhavesh Pattni

Gujarat elections are imminent and political parties are in the news and are gearing up in the state. At this point, all eyes are for Bhartiya Janta Party, the ruling party under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

Looking at Gujarat's Natal Sun chart, there is Aries ascendant having Sun 17.21.25 and Venus 03.16.20 in first house. Mars is in conjunction with Ketu in 11th house and retrograde Saturn is posited with retrograde Jupiter in 9th house. Transiting Jupiter will be passing through Natal Jupiter and Saturn during elections. Benefits of this transit to Gujarat are religion, law and order, justice, the court system, morality, higher education, international concerns, foreign affairs, shipping, the government, ruling party, national prestige, destiny of Gujarat.

In BJP's horoscope, Sun is placed in its exalted sign Aries in Ascendance with 10.26.17 in Ashwini Nakshatra Pada-4. Ascendant Mars is of 04.03.56 degree in Magha Pada-2 and placed in 5th house, hence there is Pariwartan (change) yoga between these two planets. Dispositor of Ascendant is very strong. Lord of 10th house, saturn, is placed in 5th house with 27.17.25 in Leo.

During the period of Election for Gujarat, Sun-Rahu-Saturn Mahadasha will be active. Sun and Rahu are having trine aspect in this horoscope while Rahu and Saturn are conjunct in 5th house with Ascendant. However, Sun is the biggest enemy of Rahu and Saturn in Panchadha Maitri and Rahu and Saturn are neutral friends in this table.

Saturn (lord of 10th house) will exit from Magha Nakshatra in Leo during 3rd week of December. However, Saturn in Natal Chart is also placed in Leo as stated above. Moreover, transiting Jupiter will be passing through Mula Nakshatra with Tarus Navamansh.

Given all these events, Ganesha feels that elections in Gujarat will be quite tough for BJP, but looking at Jupiter's transit in Natal chart during election period, it may give BJP a slight edge over their rivals.

Shree Narendra Modi is having Libra Ascendant with Scorpio Moon Sign. Natal Mars and Moon are conjunct in 2nd house in Scorpio, where Sun is conjunct with Ketu in 12th house. Ascendant Venus is Vargottam with Leo sign. Shree Modi will be passing through Sun-Mars-Moon Mahadasha during Elections. By considering Moon Chart for transit, Jupiter will transit through Mula Nakshatra. It will aspect 10th house of moon chart of Shree Modi. Mercury being Cuspal lord of 10th house is exalted in 12th house. Venus being Cuspal lord of 7th house is also posited in 11th house. Saturn and Ketu will be transiting through Natal Sun and Saturn in 11th house, but planetary relationship (considering Panchadha Maitri here), is very favourable for Shree Modi. This is also very good indicator for Transits and Mahadasha results.

According to Tarachakara, Jupiter will transit through Mula Nakshatra, which belongs to Vipata. However, Yogakaraka Saturn will be in Leo with 13.30.34 degrees in Purvafalguni on 15/11/2007. This belongs to Adhi Mitra and Kshem. This transit is more favourable than Jupiter. As per Moon Chart, lord of 10th house and natural significator of 10th house-Sun will be posited in Scorpio with Natal Moon during November 17 to December 16. As per Ashtakavarga, Shree Modi has 35 Bindus in karmabhav while Saturn has 3 Bindus in Leo Sign and Jupiter having 7 Bindus in Sagittarius. On the other hand, each and every planet is very strong in Shadabala calculation. This can lead Shree Modi towards victory.

On the whole, Shree Modi's horoscope is strong enough to bring positive results for BJP.

Malav Bhatt, a Senior Astrologer of GaneshaSpeaks team predicts that if BJP's horoscope is taken into account, to win the election will be a tough nut to crack for the party. As seen in the last few months, internal disputes, dissatisfaction in the party and anger of senior members are indicated. But Shree Narendra Modi's natal chart and Gujarat's horoscope indicate victory for BJP. Shree Modi's horoscope also shows conflict between central government and himself. While horoscope of Gujarat supports the ruling party to continue even for the next term.

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