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             16 January, 2021

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The Month of Virgo, 2007

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2007-09-05 17:11:39     
Article by Sharita Star

As we welcome the Month of Virgo, this mutable sign indicates change is once again on our horizon. With the Sun entering this communication earth sign, the energy is stirring up as the summer season is soon to some to a close. Mercury ruled Virgo's symbol is the pure, innocent Virgin- completing the concept of the ideal woman- as we continue around the Zodiac wheel.

The perfection-oriented sign of Virgo specifically relates to the specialization of form, organized matter, and purification. Their energy is refined, with the ability to focus on the intimate details of whatever service or craftsmanship they provide for another. Possessing the power of discrimination, they value sheer technical efficiency, which makes these communicators impeccable flaw spotters.

Typically humble and shy, Virgo energy is expressed in a practical, modest, skeptical, systematic and conscientious way. Logic, analysis, criticism, assimilation, and adaptability are all natural abilities. One should never forget their manners around a Virgo, while they also pay close attention to cleanliness, health and personal hygiene. On the negative side of their polarity they can be non-committal, nit-picky, unenthusiastic, self-conscious, doubting, and at times can end up being their own worst critic. Cultivation of vision, tolerance, imagination and optimism allows the Virgo native to be at their very best.

Leo's everywhere and those with Saturn in Leo have long awaited Saturn's transit into Virgo this month upon 9/2. Now that the Leo "karmic cleansing" is over for another 28 years- Virgos natives and those about to have their Saturn Return in Virgo- gear up for this important period that ultimately allows Saturn's lessons to bring responsibility and wisdom to the life until 10/29/2009. The collective is being asked to cultivate discrimination, common sense, as well as scientific and analytical power. The Virgo ruled house in the individual birth chart points to where this essential karmic justice will occur over this 2 1/4 yr transit.

With Pluto upon 9/7 and Venus upon 9/8 returning to Direct motion, the collective can see the restructuring of values learned through Leo's Retrograde to return to pleasurable responses; while Pluto going Direct in Sagittarius sees the long term transformation of faith in human nature, exploration and sense of perspective return to a proper freedom. Expect the area of life governed by the Sagittarian ruled house in the individual birth chart to see an ease as Pluto now concludes his long term transit, entering Capricorn in January of 2008.

We remember the 6th anniversary of the transforming events that occurred 9/11/2001 upon a New Moon and Solar Eclipse. In America's current personal year cycle of the 20/2, September marks the intensity of this Moon ruled year of 'The Awakening.' As we all take pause to pay homage to this eternal remembrance, the USA as a whole is encouraged to reflect and welcome a co-operative understanding to overcome the emotional presence this year's energy bestows upon the country.

May each and every Star allow innocence, adaptability and dedicated service to be the pure essence of their guiding light for the remainder of Summer '07.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: http://www.sharitastar.com She resides in New York City and currently is working on her first book.

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