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A Lesson in Predictive Astrology

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2010-06-01 08:09:04     
Article by Curtis F. Williams

This last month has been a hectic and sobering one for me, and I hope that June is less fast paced. In my practice as an Astrologer I see many people and charts, all lending to my experience and perspective. I recently had an experience through the lens of not only one of my clients, but myself as well. My client's name is changed, with little personal information divulged here other than the described event; something all budding astrologers should remain true to. This person lives out of state, and resides on the east coast.

My client, whom I will call "Virginia," has been with me for years now, and although we have met on several occasions we rarely see one another in person. However, over the years we have established a very intimate and personal relationship. Virginia is in her late forties and consults with me at least once a year and sometimes twice a year. This last year has been one of sudden lightning striking out at her from nowhere, and even though she is an Aquarius (suddenness defined through the planet Uranus) life has been so very unpredictable for her.

This is where I come in. As her Astrologer, Virginia relies on me to help ferret through the movements and measurements of her chart and the planets that reside in it. I saw that there were some potential health issues coming up for her in 2010. By using Solar Arcs (generally speaking, the natal planets and angles move one degree for every year of life) I was able to see what was most likely heading her way. Although I had my own thoughts regarding her chart I did not want to unnecessarily concern Virginia with "warnings" of doom and gloom; as an Astrologer you really do not want to do that.

Through Virginia's chart movements I saw that her SA (Solar Arc) Moon (emotion, and change) had moved into her 12th house (subconscious attitudes, frustrations, hidden causes) in exact opposition to natal Mars in Aries in the sixth house (the sixth house relates to health issues, and Mars relates to the head, upper jaw, and surgery), suggesting difficulty with health issues. Still, there was more. Virginia's chart has natal Saturn residing in her first house (first house relates to the physical body) and had moved by SA into the third house (communications, short distance travels) exactly square natal Mars, and natal Saturn.

The measurements of her SA Moon and SA Saturn were severely impacting her natal Mars by either an exact square aspect or an exact opposition aspect in the sixth house, her house of health. It was clear to me that something significant was going to impact her health; her bones and teeth (Saturn), her head and or upper jaw (Mars), and the changeability (SA Moon) of this upcoming event within a medical environment! Here is where, as a competent Astrologer, one needs to use tact and undo alarm; but what can you say without scaring your client but still safely direct her?

I had advised Virginia to make sure that she kept up the management and health of her teeth (Saturn and Mars), that she use proper care regarding her bones and skin (Saturn). I also told her to trust her intuition and emotions (SA Moon in the 12th house), but not to let her emotions run away or become overly excited or clouded, which could cause an accident in and of itself. I also cautioned Virginia to pay particular attention to her short distance travels, particularly in her car and when running errands about town. Of course there were other suggestions throughout our conversations regarding the year 2010, but this was the area that seemed to be the highlight for her.

Well, Virginia recently called to tell me that she had been in an auto accident (not her fault) not very far from home in which she fractured several teeth (upper jaw) from banging her head, and receiving a concussion. In order to repair her teeth the dentist needed to take some x-rays, and just by sheer chance and due to the distance from the other injured teeth, he caught on film a tooth that had a suspicious shadow on it. Turns out that this tooth (not connected to the accident) needed to be surgically removed in conjunction with having two crowns placed on her top back molars. Initially, Virginia was hesitant about going to the dentist at all due to the non definitive sensation she felt in her molars, but she took heed of my advice to trust her intuition and follow through.

Virginia is recovering well, but she is a little depressed at having to have had oral surgery to remove a tooth that otherwise looked healthy. The dentist told her that sometimes the body attacks itself as a form of defense against the "foreign" body, in this case it was her tooth. This condition is not well understood, and can be attributed to auto immune disease, past trauma, and a variety of other considerations. The upside (if there is one) is that had it not been for the accident she would have eventually bitten into a food and lost the tooth anyway, not knowing what was going on. So catching this in time allowed Virginia to make advance preparations for its removal.

Curtis Williams is a professional, practicing Humanistic Astrologer and has been for over 20 years, with formal astrological training and certifications through Glenn Perry's Academy of Astro Psychology and Noel Tyl's Master's Degree Course. Life experience and personal growth brought him to Astrology.

Curtis has been a Reiki practitioner since 2002, with Master/Teacher certifications in both Usui and Karuna Reiki. Volunteer Reiki facilitator at the Hearst Cancer Research Center and Homeless Shelter in San Luis Obispo, California.

Curtis' goal is to integrate and use both of these predictive and healing modalities to help bring a better understanding and clarity for my clients.

For more information please visit Curtis' website: http://www.astrologyreiki.com

Specialized in: Astrology - Reiki - Humanistic Astrology - Reiki Therapy - Holistic Healing - Reiki Healing - Energy Healing - Alternative Therapies - San Luis Obispo - Morro Bay - Los Osos - Arroyo Grande - Paso Robles
URL: http://www.astrologyreiki.com
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