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             08 August, 2022

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Daily Astrology for the Week of March 31, 2008 - General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

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2008-04-06 06:16:52     
Article by Janet Moon

Mon 3/31/08 Ready for Something Different

We may not feel much like talking this morning, but by mid morning (early morning west coast), we will be ready for something different. We will probably want to be seen for the unique individuals that we are today, and schedules may not work out. It will be a great day for friends and discussions, just watch out for becoming a bit too fanatical.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

Tue 4/1/08 April Fool's May Explode

We will be ready to tackle the world this morning (early morning west coast), and we may have some very unique ideas. It will be a great day for technology, from mechanics to computers to surgery, and we may fix a few things around the office. Watch out for the April Fool's jokes, because some people may overreact and explode (especially those with dominate Scorpio in their charts). We may also find that people want to talk tonight. It will be an excellent night to catch up on communications.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

Wed 4/2/08 Mistakes Early and Emotional Release Later

Our minds may not be focused on our work today, and there could be some mistakes. We may find ourselves rushing around this morning, or it may just be our thoughts racing. Some people will be very sensitive, and some will be fearful and plotting against others. We may also find it difficult to discuss our feelings until late afternoon (early afternoon west coast). Emotions will start to flow this evening (mid afternoon west coast), but there is also a tendency for emotional abuse later, especially those who have been drinking. But, it will also be a great night for prayer and meditation.

Major Planetary Events Today: Pluto Retrograde Station, Mercury Enters Aries.

Thu 4/3/08 Sensitive People Misjudging Situations

We may find ourselves misjudging things today, especially this morning. Try to avoid any sudden decisions until afternoon. People could be a bit sensitive today, but they will also be ready to listen and help. Things could get a bit exciting early this afternoon (late morning west coast), and some of us may start drinking early in the day. There may be some accidents for those of us up very late.

Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Square Pluto

Fri 4/4/08 A Day for What We Crave - Our Spark Returns Tonight

We may be feeling very sensitive today under the Pisces Moon. It will be a time for sleep, meditation, prayer, drugs, alcohol, and what we crave. But, people will also be ready to help the less fortunate. So, if you need some help, today is the day to ask. Late this evening (early evening west coast) our spark will return, and we will be ready to start anew as the Moon enters Aries. There could be some hurt feelings or jealousy crop up late tonight (late evening west coast). Think before you act.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

Sat 4/5/08 Start New Projects

Its going to be a weekend of eroticism and infatuations. We may really have to try to keep our sexuality in check. Its also going to be a feisty day, and many of us will be ready to start new projects. Our new projects may get some extra blessings under the Aries New Moon. Just think twice about any new love affairs. There could be some arguments this evening (mid afternoon west coast), and there may be some problems with the opposite sex late tonight (late evening west coast).

Major Planetary Events Today: New Moon in Aries 11:55 PM EDT

Sun 4/6/08 Affairs Beginning and Cheaters Getting Caught

There could be some relationship or money problems today, and some of us may actually catch our partners cheating. Others may find that a crush is overwhelming them and they start an affair. Those of us up early could wake-up mighty hungry, and those of us who sleep in may awaken from a vivid dream. We will probably be feeling rather creative this morning (early morning west coast), and it will be an excellent time for spiritual connections. By early this afternoon (mid morning west coast), we may not feel much like talking, and the afternoon will be good for routine chores. Our focus will turn to beauty and security tonight (this evening west coast).

Major Planetary Events Today: Venus Enters Aries, Venus Square Pluto

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to order a personal reading. (This article can be reprinted freely online, as long as the entire article and this bio is included.) http://www.sparrowmoon.com/

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