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             04 March, 2021

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Creative Ideas - Are You Rejecting Your Children at Birth?

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2008-08-13 08:11:21     
Article by Dan Goodwin

Would you say you have all the great creative ideas you need for your creativity to flow freely and express its full potential?

Ideas are the foundations of all creative expression. They're the acorns from which your mighty creative oak trees will grow, the sure footing and sound structure that will support your magnificent creative architecture.

When you feel you don't have any ideas, you don't have anything to create from, and your creativity evaporates like a river bed with no fresh rainfall.

What most of us don't realise though is we already have the source of all the ideas we'll even need. The problem is, as soon as we have an idea, we instantly make a judgement about how useful it will be. More often than not, we'll decide in a second that this idea is "stupid", "unrealistic", "nothing new" or just "useless".

Rejecting your ideas like this is the equivalent of rejecting your children moments after they are born.

Disowning them before you've seen them grow their first tooth, speak their first word, take their first step. And way before you've given them the chance to grow into wonderful human adults.

So what can you do instead? How can you embrace these children - these precious nascent ideas of yours - and allow them to naturally develop into their full potential?

The first step is to capture each idea, as soon as it comes. Keep with you an Ideas Book - simply a journal you carry with you to store your ideas in. When the idea arrives (and, like babies, they can arrive at the most unlikely times!), take a moment to take out your Ideas Book and jot the idea down.

Here's an extra tip, that'll help you capture your ideas more fully.

When you record them, get down the full essence of the idea, the real juice behind it. For example, when I had the idea for this article, I didn't just write: "Creative Ideas".

I wrote: "Creative Ideas - capture at birth, capture idea when it appears, get enough recorded to have good basis to expand from. Don't judge or dismiss, let it naturally grow. Are you rejecting your children at birth?"

Then when I returned to my article ideas list a few weeks later, the essence of the idea was there, and the rest of the article flowed easily.

Start capturing your ideas today - before you dismiss and reject them.

In a matter of days you'll start to see just how many ideas you DO have that you didn't give yourself credit for. As well as having more ideas, knowing that you have an endless supply will do wonders for your creative confidence all round.

Want to learn more about how to increase YOUR creativity? It's easy: just sign up to "Create Create!" - Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin's free twice monthly ezine - today, and get your free copy of the "Explode Your Creativity!" Action Workbook. Head on over now to http://www.CoachCreative.com

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