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             28 January, 2021

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Create Your Own Reality or Accept Someone Else's: It's Your Choice

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2007-01-13 02:45:23     
Article by Diane English

Each time I look back on my life I see clearly all the ways in which I have created my own reality. Maybe I should have been more specific! Only kidding. Through the power of my thoughts and feelings I have created my circumstances one hundred percent of the time. If I am responsible for anything it is the life I’ve made for myself and all I have created, both good and bad. Most people resist this concept, but if you understand that accountability for your own life isn’t scary, it is the most delicious kind of freedom, you are on your way to a different version of human experience. You learn you can write your own story and it can be a story of joy, passion, gratitude and your heart’s desires.

Laugh, Imagine and Free Your Inner Child

To consciously create your own reality start visualizing and feeling exactly what it is you want. Return to your childlike, playful mind and let your imagination soar. Think of yourself as a projector sending wishes and dreams into the future like you did when you were a kid. If you stay focused in the current reality it will hold you back from manifesting the life you really want. Let it go and don’t be afraid to make believe! You already know how to do this you just have to remember.

The Pleasure Principle-This Is The Best Part

The key to creating your own reality is feeling good. Feeling good is not always easy. It is an acquired skill and you have to nurture it. Most people have been taught to believe “life is hard”, “you don’t get everything you want” or “reality bites”. These beliefs stop you from living your dreams. You can start to change them by expressing gratitude, gratitude for the smallest and largest of things. Everything you can think of, even the things you don’t, like bunions and politicians. Gratitude changes how you feel and that’s the point. The better you feel the more of your life you are creating. Give yourself permission to let unending joy and unconditional love flow through you. This joy and love you experience is God, Buddha, your higher self-whatever you want to call it. Feel yourself being blessed and be grateful that you have the choice to feel good, to be who you really are.

We Are All Walking Vibrators (Oh Baby! Oh)

How can you know what energy we are creating and attracting? How do you feel? We humans are all walking vibrators and your thoughts and feelings send out a vibration that the Universe matches. Your thoughts don’t stay in your head. They are broadcast throughout the cosmos. Love is a particular vibration, joy is another, peace is another, and anger another. If you choose joy, peace, prosperity, health and adventure you will find it everywhere you go.

Be Grateful and Know You Deserve Happiness

In the morning I don’t get up until I feel good. I stay in bed and think of things that bring me joy. Once I feel good I get out of bed and write in my gratitude journal. Part of feeling good comes from knowing you deserve all of the blessings the Universe has to offer. Times when your reality seems difficult to manifest it is because you have been taught to believe the fulfillment of your desires is impossible. This is not true! You deserve the best!

“We didn’t come here to face reality, we came to create it.” Abraham/Hicks

We live in a universe that MATCHES our vibrations. It gives back to us more of what we are giving out, whether it's wanting to drive a BMW or resisting the horrors of war. If you fight against that which you do not want, you'll get more of it because you are sending the vibrations of whatever it is you’re resisting and the Universe is matching it and returning the same vibrations to the source--you. When you change your thinking and focus on what you do want then that is what you will manifest and what you will see and experience in your reality. Don’t be against war just be pro peace. Always tell the Universe what you DO want, not what you don't want. It takes a bit of experience to be able to tell the difference, but when you do, lookout! Wonderful things start happening and your life will become absolutely fabulous.

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