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             28 September, 2023

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What about Potassium?

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2007-03-04 06:53:54     
Article by rolfie

Information on potassium

When you read about potassium and senate document report 264 you'll life should be changed forever. You're going to discover that the biggest fallacy most people aren't aware of is that if we eat a balanced diet, (the four food groups), we get all the nutrients we need to stay healthy and live a long life. The truth is, this has been a matter of public record for the past 60 years. Fact is that our farming soils are severely depleted of these so important minerals such as potassium.

Without adequate mineral intake whether through supplements or certain foods the vitamins our bodies take in are worthless. We need this important mineral as it assists in muscle contraction and in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in body cells. Various surveys would have us believe that we get adequate amounts of daily intake but in truth how's that possible according to the senate document.

We're taught that potassium rich food does the trick but in reality that really can't be so. Fruits and vegetables are mostly depleted of nutrients - yes they still look good in the stores for sure. A little fancy treatment makes good marketing sense for the venders but not for us. As we contemplate the issues it makes us really wonder who's needs are being met with so many conflicting reports.

The giant supermarkets aren't concerned about our nutrition; it's the cash register that dictates the bottom line. Plant foods are harvested before they've even ripened; many are gas retarded from ripening, trucked across the United States, and then gas ripened. By the time the food gets to our dinner tables there's little or no nutrition left. But they sure look good.

No longer can we rely on a "balanced" diet with merely so many calories or certain vitamins or fixed proportions of starches, proteins and carbohydrates. We know for certain that our diets must have a score of minerals. And potassium along with many others just isn't there.

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