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             28 September, 2023

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Climate Change and Global Warming Versus Global Cooling

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2009-11-15 06:18:16     
Article by Brian H Campbell

There is some global warming from vast amounts of anthropogenic or man made pollution. The industrial age brought about a lot of negative changes in the environment that are indisputable. Hot gasses entering the atmosphere for over a 100 years has caused a limited amount of climate change. Global cooling is a thorn in the side of those
who want to pass Cap and Trade legislation.

Sounds like I am totally in the global warming camp. Not so! People look at one side and do not give any credence to the other side of the debate. The Farmers Almanac has been predicting weather for a long time and they look at solar patterns, including sunspot activity as some of its major sources for their predicting model. Also, scientists from around the world are dissenting from the global warming side. Why? At least in part because there is convincing proof we are entering into a global cooling period. This global cooling period could last for ten years.

One of the strongest arguments given by climate change proponents is that ice cap melting and shrinking icebergs is solely the result of CO2 or other pollutants. If this were the only way ice melts than how come we are still not in the Ice Age? Natural cyclical weather changes is the answer. This proves that when we hear of icebergs melting or polar bears floating on ice it is not necessarily global warming that caused it. When the Ice Age ended the ice melted, therefore polar bears or other animals died in the process? Polar bear numbers are increasing in some parts of the world now and icebergs growing. Other areas there decreasing. This is how the cycles of weather have performed for centuries.

Is it possible global climate change could make icebergs melt faster? Yes, it is possible but why think icebergs never melted until now? This in a sense is what you are saying when cyclical weather changes are not considered when icebergs melt. Global warming is blamed for almost everything without taking other facts into account. Cyclical weather
changes is an indisputable fact while global warming needs much more study.

So what should we do about global warming and climate change when there are so many differing opinions? Do not over react by destroying jobs but make sensible concessions. And get much more data. Remember we are entering a global cooling period now according to many prestigious scientists.

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