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Switching Providers to Obtain Lower Houston Electricity Rates

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2013-07-13 01:34:01     
Article by David Adam

Because prices for Houston electricity have become competitive, many business owners and homeowners can save on their energy bills every month. The local electric company will still be delivering electricity to businesses and homes. However, Houston residents and business owners can select another company that offers lower rates to generate their electricity.

Comparing Rates

To evaluate Houston electricity properly, simply compare the rates from different suppliers in a competitive market. There are numerous suppliers in the Houston area that are posting their rates along with the agreements and plans they provide. Some offer energy at a fixed price while others offer varying prices that can fluctuate during the hours of the day, or month-to-month. Variable rates are often higher during the warm months, when air-conditioners run higher during certain times of the day. Other rates can fluctuate with a higher or lower monthly price, based on the need of the Houston population.

Suppliers offer Houston electricity without a contract or at a fixed rate over a specific amount of time, based on an agreement. Additional considerations when comparing rates is to determine exactly how the homeowner or business owner’s electricity is generated (hydro, solar, wind, gas, coal, etc.).

Typically, Houston electricity providers offer a combined bill, where a specific portion of the charges will be redirected to the delivery company (the local utility), and the remainder to the Houston electricity provider.

Since 2002, Texas has upheld its deregulation laws, where the electricity industry must offer competitive prices to every resident, where applicable. To this date, nearly of all Texans, and every Houston resident, has access to numerous electric service providers with various energy rates and plans.

By comparing Houston electricity providers it is easy to choose the one that offer lower energy rates. Switching from one company to another is easy. There will be no interruption in service, nor any change of the electric meter.

No New Meter

Because nothing has really changed on the consumer’s end, the home or business will not be receiving a new meter. The local utility company will use the same meter and wires to deliver the electricity to the structure. However, the selected Houston electricity provider will now be in charge of reading the meter and processing the bill.

Signing up is easy. All it is required of the consumer is to comparison shop between different Houston electricity providers to select the one that offers the best deal.

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