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             05 December, 2022

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Save the Enviroment - Buy a Real Christmas Tree

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2008-07-30 06:47:36     
Article by William D. Atkin

When purchasing a Christmas tree, the most environmentally favorable choice is a real Christmas tree. The ecological advantages of a real Christmas tree over an artificial Christmas tree are numerous.

Production of oxygen
Each acre of Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen requirement of 18 people. With over 500,000 acres of Christmas trees in the United States, that translates into nine million people a day supplied with oxygen from these trees.

Of equal value is the fact the real Christmas trees consume carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas thus helping with the battle against global warming. The EPA asserts that one of the best ways to reduce global warming is to plant trees. Christmas tree growers plant 2 or 3 new seedlings for every cut tree.
Effective Land Use

Christmas trees are often grown on land unsuitable for other crops.
Today nearly all of the real Christmas trees sold at seasonal Christmas-tree lots or sold on-line are grown on tree farms. As a result, according to the American Forests, a Washington, D.C.-based conservation nonprofit, American forests are not damaged by Christmas tree sales. "One might think that fake trees are the better choice, but the opposite is true, since Christmas tree farms provide substantial benefits to the environment," says Jenna Rose, managing editor of AFreshSqueeze.com. "While it may seem environmentally insensitive to chop down a tree and decorate it, real trees are actually more eco-friendly."

Biodegradable and Recyclable
Recycling a real Christmas tree has many benefits for the environment. Rather than clogging already strained landfills, chipping or mulching trees can produce valuable compost to assist in the growth of gardens and other beneficial plants. Compost nourishes and renews soil and promotes water retention. Recycled real Christmas trees have even been used in some communities to prevent soil erosion, sedimentation control and fish and other wildlife habitats. The National Christmas Tree Association cooperates with Earth 911, an Arizona-based conservation group to help purchasers of real Christmas trees dispose of their Christmas trees in an eco-friendly manner. Earth 911's website identifies more than 3,800 places for recycling real Christmas trees.

In short, if you want to do your part to promote a green Christmas, the only viable choice is to purchase a real Christmas tree.

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