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             30 October, 2020

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Stopping Smoking: 10 Tips to Help in the Early Days

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2007-02-05 22:34:37     
Article by Eric Hartwell

Now that you have decided to give up smoking, are there any tips that can help you to quit?

The answer, of course, is "yes."

Deciding to quit smoking is a big step. You need to plan ahead and choose a time that is most profitable in terms of having the best environment to concentrate on you, and you alone.

1. Choose a time and place when you have no other activities that can cause you stress or deviate you from you goal

2. Tell your family and friends that you are quitting smoking and let them know that you need their help and support.

3. Write down the reasons why you smoke and the reasons why you are giving up - put this on the wall in a prominent area

4. Get rid of any reminders about your smoking - cigarettes, matches, lighters, ash trays etc

5. Get freshened up - stale smoke smells - wash yourself, your hair and your clothes, use perfumes and lotions to make you smell nice again

6. Take the opportunity to clean the room that you usually smoke in - make that room clean and fresh. Banish the smell of stale smoke.

7. Steer clear of temptation - avoid places where people smoke - pubs, clubs, social gatherings

8. Tell others that stopping smoking is a good thing, they may stop with you - if others are experiencing what you are feeling then you can support each other

9. Eat well, drink lots and do some exercise - get into "healthy mode" - make this a permanent lifestyle change

10. Keep your mouth clean and fresh - throughout the day use a mint mouthwash or brush your teeth several times - this can really help to feel fresh and avoid the temptation of spoiling it by smoking.

Simple measures such as these can really help you along your healthy path of kicking the smoking habit.

Eric oversees the worlds best home page a user-led resource. Do you want to quit smoking? Visit Smokefree England for further information.

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