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             30 October, 2020


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Lack of Clear Legislation Holds Back Electronic Cigarettes (Popularity: )
The scarcity of clear, authoritative legislation regarding the sale of electronic cigarettes in the UK is holding back the industry and leaving millions of smokers still hooked on tobacco. Which Electronic Cigarette has recently spoken out in favour of solid legislation to protect the consumer, and the government should take note. The name of electronic cigarettes is being tarnished by a campaign of misinformation (whether intentional or unintentional) and many ...

Customize your electronic cigarette to the most stylish one (Popularity: )
Electronic cigarettes are the new form of cigarettes that the youth has adapted to these days. Many of these cigarettes do not resemble the conventional ones at all. Their benefits and health concerns are a matter of uncertainly among all the health organizations as well as other researchers. A lot of customization can also be done on these cigarettes so that they give the feeling of the actual cigarettes and ...

World’s largest economy is getting all smoky- and troubled with tobacco! (Popularity: )
The latest update around the world’s no tobacco day is, that China has imposed measure to restrict smoking amongst population! It is the shameful realization of the fact that the most rampantly producing industry in China is tobacco industry that has led to these severe measures. Another dismal and heart –rendering revelation is that there are around 300million only adult smokers in the nation. To add to this, the fact ...

Alternative Ways to Help You Quit Smoking (Popularity: )
If you are trying to give up smoking then maybe one of the reasons why you are doing it is because you know the damage that smoking cigarettes can do to your health. Immediately after you give up smoking your body and health will benefit from it. There are many ways that you can approach the process of giving up cigarettes for good. A common but drastic one is to take ...

Are You Strong Enough to Quit Smoking? (Popularity: )
Nicotine Replacement therapy or NRT works effectively with those people who succeeded in getting rid of their demanding desire to hold cigarettes...And as we all know, when you get your body used to nicotine it becomes more probable that you'll rebound to your bad habit when you pass through a difficult situation. Nicotine Replacement therapy is considered a good method for cigarette smokers, but many smokers have fears from just thinking ...

Quit Smoking - Stopping Smoking May Not Seem Easy But You Can Beat it and Quit Naturally (Popularity: )
Anyone who has tried to quit smoking will testify just how hard it is. Everyone thinks they can quit when they want, until they try to quit and are shocked to find out they keep craving more. From the moment you smoke your first cigarette the addiction starts. Like with any other drug you do not realise it and smoking is a drug.. Soon enough you need more until before you ...

The Only Stop Smoking Tips You Will Ever Need! (Popularity: )
Rather than list out a few stop smoking tips, this article will try to lay out a plan that will make your attempt at quitting a success. Remember that everyone is different but these stop smoking tips should apply to the vast majority of readers. 1- Set A Firm Quit Date: Pick a date that is at least a week away as your quit date. Why a week? Because you need ...

Smoking Kills - Why? (Popularity: )
Nobody can now ignore the law requiring them to put on cigarette packets information about the dangers of tobacco in clear terms. But what makes a cigarette so dangerous to health? When smoking, the smoker inspires course of nicotine poison which is enough to make smoking dangerous (injected directly into a vein, the dose of nicotine in a cigarette is enough to kill a man), but also over 4000 products including at ...

Tobacco Companies Want You to Die a Smoker - Wake Up to Your Senses! (Popularity: )
After reading a magazine that informs you of the danger ahead for smokers, the benefits for not smoking, and assurance that it's possible and easy to quit smoking, you finally decide to give it a shot. You are able to quit for few weeks. At the end of the day you are back smoking. Is it that it's not easy to quit smoking or what? Why are you finding it ...

Can I Quit Smoking? - Yes You Can! (Popularity: )
Many smokers want to quit smoking but they really believe that it's something they will never achieve, because they have tried and failed miserably, many times. I think that one of the obstacles in the way is the fear of gaining weight. We have all heard the stories of people who have quit smoking, complaining that their waist measurements have increased. But this happens because when you smoke you will ...