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             30 October, 2020

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Customize your electronic cigarette to the most stylish one

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2013-01-21 01:18:32     
Article by Savage Smoke

Electronic cigarettes are the new form of cigarettes that the youth has adapted to these days. Many of these cigarettes do not resemble the conventional ones at all. Their benefits and health concerns are a matter of uncertainly among all the health organizations as well as other researchers. A lot of customization can also be done on these cigarettes so that they give the feeling of the actual cigarettes and in fact on many occasions an even better feeling.

First modification that can be done is on the flavor that is being used. A smoker is highly interested in the taste of the cigarette and hence any modification or enhancement should be done according to his needs. For this there are variety packs available as well which offer up to 5 different varieties of flavors of cigarettes including cherry, grapes, chocolate, even beverages like coffee, energy drinks, etc. The nicotine content in all these flavors can also be changed from as small as negligible to ultra high as well.

After the customization in the taste of the eCigarettes, the next area to modify can be its design. The customizer, which is the part that is closest to your mouth, can be customized by using different colors in it. This will thus give a stylish look and hence one will definitely stand out of the crowd. The customizer skins are also very inexpensive and hence even if one wants to change it frequently with different colors he can do so without worrying much about the cost factor. Further enhancements can be made if one wants to match the other part of the cigarette as well by using colored batteries. These batteries are available in all the standard colors as well as the mix of some of them. Various design formats for all occasions are also there like a special one for Valentine ’s Day occasion, one for Christmas, etc. Several patterns of shapes like in the form of a triangle, a cube, a puzzle are also there.

Lastly one can also choose from varying designs of cases to carry their electronic cigarettes. Luxurious cases with totally different textures give a completely different look to the standard and style that one displays while smoking eCigs. There are designs for almost every occasion, mood and the kind of outfit that one is wearing. Hence with such wide choices and customization, one can surely stand out and impress anyone with his ecigarettes.

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