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             30 October, 2020

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Lack of Clear Legislation Holds Back Electronic Cigarettes

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2013-01-31 00:42:42     
Article by Gavin Aldrich

The scarcity of clear, authoritative legislation regarding the sale of electronic cigarettes in the UK is holding back the industry and leaving millions of smokers still hooked on tobacco. Which Electronic Cigarette has recently spoken out in favour of solid legislation to protect the consumer, and the government should take note. The name of electronic cigarettes is being tarnished by a campaign of misinformation (whether intentional or unintentional) and many smokers are left unsure of the risks. Whilst more research needs to be done into the effects of e-cigarettes, the general message is that they’re much safer than tobacco, and they represent a beacon of hope for smokers looking for alternatives.

False claims about electronic cigarettes are currently running unchecked. The Daily Mail, for example, claimed that there are high levels of poisonous chemicals in e-cigarettes, nicotine is carcinogenic and that “tobacco-specific nitrosamines” are used in them. These are all false, as there is no evidence that nicotine itself causes cancer, and reputable companies have their products tested by accredited laboratories. The only things you’ll find in an electronic cigarette are nicotine (referred to by the MHRA as a “very safe drug”), propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine (“generally regarded as safe”), and food flavourings (which you eat every day). The scarcity of clear, authoritative legislation regarding the sale of electronic cigarettes in the UK is holding back the industry and leaving millions of smokers still hooked on tobacco

The reason these claims can be made is that there has been limited research into the effects of electronic cigarettes. With reflected uncertainty in the public perception of the risks, these comments are hard to shake off. Although nobody would disagree with the notion that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco, claims like this may prevent some smokers from switching to them. There is a significant chance to reduce the harms of smoking amongst the population, but it isn’t being taken advantage of.

There is also the issue of regulating the manufacturers. Any product sold in the UK is subject to general regulations, and electronic cigarettes are no different. UK and EU regulations ensure that no harmful contaminants or toxins find their way into e-cigarettes and cause harm to consumers. They can look for the “CE” mark or the “RoHS compliant” stamp on the product to help ensure it meets requirements. However, with many products manufactured or sold directly from overseas, there are always some that slip through the net.

Which Electronic Cigarette has joined the voices calling for a simple, logical solution. Electronic cigarettes are safer than tobacco, and banning them as other countries have done (like Austria, New Zealand and Canada) accomplishes nothing. The government needs to facilitate smokers looking to make a healthy change in their lifestyles by introducing clear legislation to protect them against the potential harms of poorly manufactured e-cigarettes. If e-cigarettes are controlled correctly, the days of beige cigarette butts lining every gutter and a carcinogenic fog around every corner are numbered. We need to move into the future.

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