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             31 October, 2020

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Smoking Kills - Why?

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2009-11-05 05:30:44     
Article by Med Anis Bouden

Nobody can now ignore the law requiring them to put on cigarette packets information about the dangers of tobacco in clear terms.

But what makes a cigarette so dangerous to health?

When smoking, the smoker inspires course of nicotine poison which is enough to make smoking dangerous (injected directly into a vein, the dose of nicotine in a cigarette is enough to kill a man), but also over 4000 products including at least 50 are carcinogens, including:

* Phenol acid (extremely toxic).
* Of pyridine (including flammable liquid used in insecticides).
* Arsenic (poison very violent).
* Methanol (toxic alcohol, among others used in antifreeze).
* Hydrogen sulphite (poisonous gas).
* Hydrogen cyanide (poison used to execute those sentenced to death).
* Ammonia (used inter alia in the manufacture of explosives and disinfectants, it facilitates the absorption of nicotine and increases dependence).
* Formaldehyde (chemical irritants).
* Formic acid (very irritating, used in the manufacture of leather).
* Of the acetonitrile (toxic compound used inter alia in the manufacture of insecticides).
* Methyl chloride (toxic gas used in the manufacture of paint solvents).
* Of acrolein (liquid, toxic, irritant).
* Nitrous oxide (gas irritant).
* Of acetaldehyde (highly toxic flammable liquid).
* The propionadehyde (liquid used as a disinfectant).
* Tar.

The high toxicity of cigarettes is therefore both the tobacco itself (nicotine), many products added (to reduce the bitterness, smooth taste, ...) and combustion (that is to say transformation of molecules by heat).

Action of tobacco on our body

Skin dull and lifeless hair, yellowed teeth and fingernails yellow, bad breath, ... the most visible consequences of smoking are not the worst.

The cardio-vascular diseases (myocardial infarction, stroke, ...), many cancers (lip, mouth, larynx, pharynx, lung, ...), recurrent infections, ... sooner or later affect the regular consumer of tobacco. Why?

Here are the consequences of tobacco consumption in our body:

Nicotine acts on the heart, blood pressure and arteries:

* Rapid heartbeat
* Increased aggregation of platelets cause blood clots
* Increased blood pressure for passenger use tobacco
* Lowers blood pressure for a regular smoker
* Increase the "bad" cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglycerides

Carbon monoxide (from the burning cigarette) causes:

* Narrowing and thickening of arteries that can cause a heart attack, stroke, gangrene in the legs
* Asphyxiation of the body by preventing oxygen from binding to cells, which reduces physical performance and accelerates aging. In 80% cases, male impotence is due to the deterioration of blood vessels in the penis.

The tar is deposited in the lungs and cause:

* Inflammation, infections, cancer

Irritant gases pass through the digestive system and result:

* Inflammation, infections, cancer


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