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             31 March, 2023


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Want To Increase Your Batting Power? Use An Old Tire! (Popularity: )
Is it so that you are able to consistently put the ball in play, but are never able to hit it hard? If you are not able to hit the ball with authority and most of the time, you end up with groundouts and weak singles; all you need to do is increase your batting power! Weak batting is the result of two major flaws. First, the player does not make proper ...

Too Broke For A Ball Game? (Popularity: )
My Buddy Sam is a huge Yankees fan. He grew up in New York City, and after growing up moved out of state. Now he lives about four hours away from New York but is still a die-hard fan. For years Sam caught several games a year. Then he started a family and the extra funds dried up pretty quickly. I know that Sam loves his family, but missing the ...

Baseball Drills for Youth Teams (Popularity: )
Baseball is a game of skill and power that is unlike any other game today. Baseball has subtly to it that is often lost in other team sports such as basketball and football. So when people come together to play this game they need to be ready for any eventuality no matter how unlikely it maybe. That is why baseball drills are so important. Practicing these different scenarios keeps players ...

How To Run A Youth Baseball All Star Team (Popularity: )
You've just completed an exhausting 20-25 game schedule complete with a few rain make-up games at inopportune times. The season had everything including controversies among other teams, your own parents, league board members, and other headaches. Your reward for coping with all of this, and leading your team to the league championship, is to coach the 11-12 year old All Star team. Think your phone rang a lot during the ...

Remembering Tiger Stadium (Popularity: )
Tiger Stadium History is much more than just names and dates. It's all about the feeling of this great old ballpark...it's all about the experience of Detroit and its beloved Tigers... sure, we could do the name and date thing, but let's focus on what that old ballpark was REALLY like- its atmosphere and feeling... They played baseball at The Corner of Michigan and Trumbull, smack in the middle of Corktown, ...

Blowing a Sure Thing: Charlie Hustle and the Baseball Hall of Fame (Popularity: )
There are very few "sure things" in life. Most people never see one. But if ever one comes your way, hold on to it and ride it all the way home. Take Pete Rose, for example. The Hall of Fame (full name, The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Cooperstown, NY) was a sure thing for this great ball player. All he had to do to realize the ...

Plan Your Own Penant Race: Baseball Theme Parties Are Fun For All Ages (Popularity: )
Whether you are planning a party for adults or children, throwing a baseball theme party can be a great deal of fun. First of all, create two teams from your own imagination and design a logo for each. There are some free logo creators available on your computer that you can use. Then, purchase shirts in contrasting colors. By purchasing some iron-on sheets that feed through your printer you can ...

Choosing the Right Catchers Mitt (Popularity: )
The catcher kneels behind the plate, and pounds his catchers mitt then gives the pitcher the sign. The bang of the crowd, the rush of the game, the rush of victory. The agony of sensitive muscles, the torment of suspense, the torture of defeat. These are all notion and emotions that run through the head of a major league baseball player as he stands there in the field. Ready. Waiting. ...

Basics of Baseball Betting (Popularity: )
While football and basketball are the most popular sports to bet on, baseball could be the easiest for beginners once you understand how to read the money line. Money line gambling is the primary wagering option for baseball bettors, which involves betting on the straight-up game outcome with no consideration for a point spread. Oddsmakers use the money line so that more money must be risked on the favorite or ...

If You Want To Play Baseball, Here Are Some Must Haves (Popularity: )
Baseball is America's pastime. To play the game there are a few basic pieces of equipment that everyone must have on hand. For most, this equipment is common knowledge, but some may be less familiar with the terminology and rules. Every game revolves around a baseball bat and a ball. The ball contains a cork center that is wrapped in string and then covered with a layer of leather that is ...