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             17 May, 2021

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Too Broke For A Ball Game?

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2007-05-06 10:31:25     
Article by K. Petit

My Buddy Sam is a huge Yankees fan. He grew up in New York City, and after growing up moved out of state. Now he lives about four hours away from New York but is still a die-hard fan. For years Sam caught several games a year. Then he started a family and the extra funds dried up pretty quickly. I know that Sam loves his family, but missing the ball games bothers him. He watches the games on TV but I know he would rather be there in person, even for one game.

I made it my mission to get him two tickets to an upcoming baseball game for his birthday. When I made it my mission, I didn't have a clue as to the cost of decent baseball tickets. I was in for quite a shock; no wonder Sam stopped going to games. I managed to find some tickets that weren't so outrageous, but they were bleacher seats, not what I had in mind as a gift. There is no way Sam would want that. The great seats were hundreds of dollars and there was no way to afford them outside of donating blood (mine and 30 of my closest friends). Time to rethink my mission.

We have a few minor league baseball teams that are local and it's fairly cheap to attend a game. I had no clue the major league tickets would be so much more expensive. After debating for a few days and talking to some of Sam's other friends I canceled the idea of buying tickets to a ball game. Instead I bought Sam a jersey that he can wear when he is watching the games on TV. I know; what a letdown. So much for bright ideas with a skinny wallet.

Sam played baseball in school and thought about doing it as a career, but life got in the way. He has had to content himself with video games. I grew up as an Army brat and soccer was the sport in Europe. I have never really learned enough about baseball to appreciate it. I have been tempted to play a video game, but I would probably ruin it for Sam.

Cut to the present: there's my buddy, in his jersey, missing the big game. He's still "got" game but instead of swinging the bat, or even finding his seat at the stadium, he's in his recliner with the remote or the joystick. But he's still Sam, and he's still happy. Another day my friend.

So guys, if America's sport is pricey for you, try the jersey and laptop thing. And if people think you're cheap, tell them...you could always be cheaper?

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