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             26 November, 2020

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Plan Your Own Penant Race: Baseball Theme Parties Are Fun For All Ages

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2007-01-08 00:00:40     
Article by Gail Leino

Whether you are planning a party for adults or children, throwing a baseball theme party can be a great deal of fun. First of all, create two teams from your own imagination and design a logo for each. There are some free logo creators available on your computer that you can use. Then, purchase shirts in contrasting colors. By purchasing some iron-on sheets that feed through your printer you can then design your own team t-shirts. It will be a pennant race of your own design as you plan team sport activities for your guests to compete in.

Baseball theme party decorations are available from most party suppliers, with the best selection of course being found at the on-line supply stores. Add a few pennants of your own team designs to the ones commercially available to add a personal dimension to your party decorations.

To play the games, have each team designate pitchers, catchers, and a single batter before even knowing what the games are. Games will include a baseball throwing station. Have several hoops of various sizes that your team pitchers must throw baseballs through. You can use wiffle balls to make it really hard, or you can use regular softball or baseballs. Hoops can be made of hula hoops, tires, cardboard targets, paper plates (which holes cut out) or just about anything. Just plan your point awards according to the size of the hole you want them to get the ball through. Give each team a total of X amount of throws and the team with the most points after their pitchers have completed their throws. The team with the most points will win this activity.

Move on to a catching activity for the catchers. Have a team member lob water balloons to the catcher who then must catch them in their catchers mitt. Don't overfill the balloons so they may or may not break upon catching. The goal is to catch as many as they can without breaking them. The most points will be given for unbroken catches, some for caught but broken and no points for missing the balloons altogether.

Finally, the batting crew can take the field. Your batters will have pinatas to hit, blindfolded of course. Make sure the two pinatas are a safe distance away and have the batters start swinging. "Hey batter, batter, batter, swwwwing!" First pinata to be burst gets the most points.

Award your first place trophies and second place ribbons based upon total point scores. You may want to have a special award (like a team baseball cap) as the prize for MVP.

Regardless of the participants age, these games are sure to be a lot of fun. Finish the day with a hotdog buffet, chips and sports drink. Power bars and samples of icy hot (for adult party members) can be incorporated as part of the Baseball theme party favors.

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