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             15 April, 2021


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Buying Rookie Cards - How to Choose (Popularity: )
Long before most of us started to buy, sell and trade baseball cards, "The Rookie Card" was a players most desirable card to have. Before autographed cards, game used memorabilia cards and numbered insert cards were produced, The rookie card was the collectors most prized possession. When we talk to card collectors about collecting today, the rookie card still seems to top want lists for both vintage and current players. ...

How To Hit A Baseball (Popularity: )
How to hit a baseball gets really down to the nitty gritty of do you really really care or want to know how? One of the first things you should do is canvas all the baseball players you know. Ask them to show you how to hit a baseball. Pay particularly close attention for you see they may have the whole answer. They each one in his or her own way will ...

The Iron Horse (Popularity: )
Born June 19, 1903 in New York City son of German Immigrants, Lou Gehrig would become one of the greatest players to ever play the game of baseball. Lou was one of four children to survive. Struggling to make ends meet Lou's parents worked a number of jobs and were adamant on Lou's education. Lou earned a football scholarship to Columbia but before his first semester began, New York Giants ...

More Youth Baseball Coaching Tips for You - Be a Positive Example (Popularity: )
COMPETITION You must welcome competition, your team will not improve by winning every game against weaker teams. You should step up to play teams better than yours. You will find out a lot about you and your players by defeat as well as victory. If you are to play to your full potential, you must be willing to put out just a little more. That willingness to put out a little more ...

It's All in Your Attitude in Coaching Youth Baseball (Popularity: )
I realize it's fall going on winter, but one can always start thinking about next year and what you are going to do different do become an improved coach. I would like to give attitude a big plug here because it is so vital not just in youth baseball, it is vital in all areas of your player's lives. You have a responsibility to impart more than just baseball lessons to ...

Baseball Shirts - Choosing the Right Shirt (Popularity: )
Baseball shirts bear a team's name or logo. They are usually worn by the fans of a team as means to show their support and admiration for the team. However, they can also be worn casually. You can easily identify baseball shirts because their ¾ sleeves are not in the same color as the torso. Kinds of baseball shirts Baseball shirts can be classified according to the wearer: 1. Children - shirts for ...

Baseball Sunglasses - Protect Your Eyes and Enhance Your Vision While Playing Baseball (Popularity: )
Baseball sunglasses are usually worn by players during baseball games to reduce the glare from the sun as well as to enhance their vision so they can spot the ball easily. There are also sunglasses for evening games that are tinted to enhance the lighting from stadium lights. Characteristics These sunglasses have polarized frames to increase the contrast between the playing field and the ball for a clearer view. Some frames are ...

Barry Bonds And Major League Baseball's Home Run Record (Popularity: )
During the 2007 baseball season, Barry Bonds will hit career home run seven hundred fifty six and break Henry Aaron's all time career home run mark. Barry Bonds will become baseball's new home run king and sultan of swat. Barry Bonds will have achieved this record by being a great athlete , having marvelous hand/eye coordination and timing and acquiring great strength through performance enhancing steroids. According to the book "Game ...

My Tampa Bay Devil Ray's Team Compulsion - Got Bullpen? (Popularity: )
There are many reasons in why I watch the Devil Rays play. Some of these reasons however seem to outweigh the good for the time being, yet I still can't look away. First, I need to express my concern about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Their bullpen really needs to be improved upon for this team to even have a shot at 500. When I think of Tampa's very own Devil ...

Why the Cubs Are Better Than the White Sox (Popularity: )
This article is all about why each and every Cubs player is better than their positional counterpart on the White Sox. Derrek Lee has two gold gloves, a silver slugger, a batting title, and a World Championship ring. Paul Konerko has one of those things and a .244 average to boot. Mark Derosa had five home runs in the first week and a half of the season, Tadahito Iguchi weighs ...