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             23 May, 2022

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My Tampa Bay Devil Ray's Team Compulsion - Got Bullpen?

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2007-08-20 17:30:10     
Article by Chris Angulo

There are many reasons in why I watch the Devil Rays play. Some of these reasons however seem to outweigh the good for the time being, yet I still can't look away.

First, I need to express my concern about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Their bullpen really needs to be improved upon for this team to even have a shot at 500. When I think of Tampa's very own Devil Ray's bull pen, I imagine all of the pitchers waiting at a bench preparing to ride PSTA, which is transportation by public bus. I'm sure they make Shawn Camp ride in the back of the bus away from spoiling what could possibly be a mixture of talent if all players were blended together. Although, I would say John Wilson pitching from his regular position as short stop seems to be a viable solution to recover the bullpen's overall ERA. Ok, maybe I'm being al little to hard on the Rays; they are actually my favorite baseball team to watch in person or on TV. They do have Scott Kazmir, O wait...He's a starter, never mind.

Second, what is going on with Raymond Ray their mascot? Raymond Ray looks nothing like a devil ray. I get the mental image in my head that he quite possibly was a member of the Smurf's village exiled due to deformities by discrimination. On the other hand, the kids absolutely adore Raymond Ray which helps bring out more families even though the Rays often lose an unfortunate amount of games. There is just something about the Devil Rays that draws me to keep watching them. Perhaps, it's the chance that maybe they will end up getting better and one day will win a world series. I know it's not the mascot or the bullpen that draws this compulsion to stick my face to the FSN channel just about every night the Rays are on. Someone please help me here.

Third, Carl Crawford on a positive notion is undisputedly the best at base stealing. The guy is lightning fast and even with pitchers watching him just can not be stopped. Ok I'm boasting him a little bit more than facts upon reality, but he is fast. Could we compare Carl Crawford with Ricky Henderson, another all time great for base stealing? I feel comfortable in my response in saying "If pigs did fly, wouldn't they still eat out of a mud hole". If anyone has a delay in their brain on that one, I meant Yes. At this time Crawford is sitting at 33 stolen bases where he's got caught stealing 8 times of the overall 41 attempts. See, Tampa has the ability to sustain talent. I'd like to go more in-depth on CC, but I just received some vital information that could retract my first statement about their bullpen.

Finally, amazingly someone was secretly spying on me from the Ray's Organization and reading my first paragraph about the bullpen. Ty Wigginton was traded off for Dan Wheeler to add a new addition to the Tampa Bay Devil Ray's bullpen. Seth McClung was traded for Grant Balfour and Jorge Cantu with Shaun Cumberland was traded for Brian Shakelford and another player not yet named. Someone is listening I know it. The rays now have a chance to boost up that win percentage with these new additions to the bullpen. I think I will hold off writing anything else about the bullpen until I see what happens.

In Summary, I guess the only real thing that gets to me now is their mascot, Raymond Ray. This is a message to you Raymond, I told Gargamel where to find you so be careful!

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