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Acoustic Fabrics For Home Cinema Installations (Popularity: )
We often come across home cinema installations where all walls are covered in fabric. The fabrics used in these dedicated home cinema systems are classed as "acoustic." Acoustic fabrics are solely covering the acoustic treatments used in the cinema room, while providing a more pleasant visual appearance. They are used solely for aesthetics. Acoustic fabrics must allow sound to pass through in order to maintain full functionality of all wall ...

Buying the Right Television - Part 2 - Options (Popularity: )
Television technologies Several types of television receivers are available, each with upchecks and downchecks: CRT Cathode Ray Tube is the standard the older generations grew up watching. It's like a large light bulb, the screen end coated with phosphorescent pixels, the other with an 'electron gun' which, when charged with electricity, emits electrons; the electrons hit the pixels, the pixels glow. Older CRTs have a curved screen, but newer models are 'flat screen ...

Home Theater Sound System - 10 Things to Know (Popularity: )
A home theater system without a good home theater sound system will not serve its purpose. The visuals we get to see through a home theater system is one that will enchant us, but if the visuals are not supplemented with great sound, the fun of watching a movie or any other event over a home theater system diminishes. The sound system is one of the most important parts of ...

Home Theater For Your Home (Popularity: )
If you have been looking for a great way to spend some family time together but not sure how, you may want to consider turning your den into a home theater room with all the added features of a movie theater and a place to hang out. If you didn't have much to talk about before you will now. To get the best sound from a home theater depends on the ...

Home Theater Seating Choices and Considerations (Popularity: )
With your home theater system in place, your next consideration is home theater seating. You can go with a simple couch or choose from a wide selection of home theater seating for ultimate comfort and viewing pleasure. You can choose home theater seating by seat grouping. There are single seats, pairs or seats in groups of three, five or more seats in a row. Your choice would of course depend on ...

How To Insure That Your Multimedia Player Is A Perfect Travel Companion (Popularity: )
If you travel often, you need a multimedia player that you can use on the go. Look for a player that comes with a hard drive (at least 30 GB). That should allow you to store about 40 movies encoded using a PC. An LCD color screen of dimension exceeding 4 inches should suffice while you are on the move. Otherwise, the devise should allow you to watch content on ...

Televisions - The Most Popular Means Of Entertainment (Popularity: )
There are lots of entertainment devices available these days. Some of them include gaming consoles, MP3 players, video players, etc. People like to purchase these devices because of their comfort factor. They offer the comfortability of use on the move. You can use them whenever you feel bored. These devices are available everywhere with lots of choices of brands. One of the most preferred means of entertainment medium is Television. Television ...

Make Your Home Office Part Of Your Home Again (Popularity: )
One of the hottest trends in home furnishings these days is lines of furniture dedicated to the home office. Vendors are beginning to design home office furniture that keeps your office a part of your home instead of an extension of your workplace. Do you have to close the door to your home office whenever you have guests over? Clutter and outdated office furnishings can really cause a room to take ...

Early Reflections and Home Cinema Design (Popularity: )
Performance of home cinema installations is influenced by the presence of boundaries, and so it is important to understand how sound propagates in a home cinema room. Let's imagine a home cinema with a starting speaker and a listener located somewhere at the home cinema seating area. Let's now assume that at some time (t=0) a signal is played through the speaker. There are three main aspects to how the ...

Tips on Home Theater Speaker Placement (Popularity: )
Home theater speaker placement is equally important as the system itself. Even if you have the best speakers, if you do not consider the proper home theater speaker placement then your equipment will not produce the best effect. However, there are so many things to consider in home theater speaker placement that the task can be really confusing. You have to think about the shape and the layout for a home ...