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Tips on Home Theater Speaker Placement

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2007-06-23 15:07:33     
Article by Milos Pesic

Home theater speaker placement is equally important as the system itself. Even if you have the best speakers, if you do not consider the proper home theater speaker placement then your equipment will not produce the best effect.

However, there are so many things to consider in home theater speaker placement that the task can be really confusing. You have to think about the shape and the layout for a home theater as well as the placement of the furniture. You also want to think about placing the speakers and wires safely away from young children or pets. Of course, you want a home theater speaker placement that will make the room organized and pleasing. With all these variable factors, you should know that there is no single best home theater speaker placement. It will depend on your specific situation.

Then again, there are some basic guidelines that you can use to determine exactly where to put each of your speakers. First, sit in the middle of the couch, which should be directly facing your television. Place the center channel speaker straight across from where you are sitting, either right above or below the TV. Then, place the front left and right side speakers about thirty degrees from your position in the couch. Also from the same point, place the left and right surround sound speakers about 100 degrees. They should also be 2 feet above your ear level when you are seated. With the subwoofer, you would need to experiment with its placement. Putting it under a table or in a corner will produce deeper bass. One of the most basic rules of home theater speaker placement is to position all of your speakers with 1 or 2 feet distance from the walls.

A major concern in home theater speaker placement is dealing with the wires and cables. They can make your home theater look cluttered and people can trip over them. Some people use carpets to cover them up or the wires are either fixed on the wall corners and borders or hidden behind the walls. There are two solutions to this problem - first, just hire a professional to do the home theater speaker placement for you. They will of course take care of hiding the wires, too.

A better option is to go for wireless speakers. This option is not necessarily cheaper than the first one. It just eliminates the need of hiring people because you only have to think about where to place the speakers and you can easily move the speakers around yourself.

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