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Home Theater Seating Choices and Considerations

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2007-06-23 15:02:50     
Article by Milos Pesic

With your home theater system in place, your next consideration is home theater seating. You can go with a simple couch or choose from a wide selection of home theater seating for ultimate comfort and viewing pleasure.

You can choose home theater seating by seat grouping. There are single seats, pairs or seats in groups of three, five or more seats in a row. Your choice would of course depend on not only the size of your room but the number of people in your household plus the number of guests that you would be regularly inviting over.

Next, choose the material of your home theater seating. The common choices are woven, micro-fiber and leather for the classic theater look. These seats are available in various colors such as black, brown, blue, beige, red, and burgundy and so many other colors to suit color scheme of your home theater.

Your home theater seating can have different features. For example, you can look for reclining seats, also known as loungers. These are the most popular seats for dedicated home theaters. Loungers can be manually positioned to recline or they can be motorized, which offers the most accurate and comfortable reclining position. Look for loungers with hardwood frames for greater durability.

You can also opt for home theater seating that comes equipped with a bass shaker, which is a feature hidden at the back of the seat. With a bass shaker, the seat vibrates with the bass sound that comes from the movie adding to the realistic viewing experience. For instance, you would feel the rumble in the movie or some other action as if you are in the actual scene. Another popular feature of home theater seating is the wall-hugger feature, which lets the lounger recline fully just a couple of inches from the wall allowing home theater owners to save space.

Other features to look out for when shopping for home theater seating are deep and wide seats, wide arm rests, foot rests, built-in cup holders, steel coil springs, foam padding, and even sports team logos included in the design. If you have kids at home, you can get them children-sized home theater seating.

Before you make a purchase of home theater seating, make sure you shop around and compare to find the best product at the best price. More importantly, measure the door ways and the hallways that lead to your home theater to ensure that you can get the home theater seating into the room easily. Check that there are no objects or structures that can obstruct the way or cause problems with delivery.

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