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A Brief Guide To Home Cinema (Popularity: )
With the increasing benefits offered by television, sound, and home cinema products sold to consumers, public cinemas are likely to suffer from less interest from consumers wanting to watch feature films on the big screen. The convenience, comfort, and control obtained by watching movies in home make it much more likely that consumers are going to take their desire for the cinema experience to the comforts of their own homes. ...

Acoustic Fabrics For Home Cinema Installations (Popularity: )
We often come across home cinema installations where all walls are covered in fabric. The fabrics used in these dedicated home cinema systems are classed as "acoustic." Acoustic fabrics are solely covering the acoustic treatments used in the cinema room, while providing a more pleasant visual appearance. They are used solely for aesthetics. Acoustic fabrics must allow sound to pass through in order to maintain full functionality of all wall ...

Alas Poor Video I Loved Thee Well (Popularity: )
I remember it vividly. I was a young girl, perhaps 6 or 7. We were going to my grandmother's house & my parents stopped at a small shop on the outskirts of the town. It was no ordinary shop, for there was no food and no toys. Instead there were many black boxes - some with pictures (of people & animals), many just plain black. What was in these black boxes, ...

Buying an HDTV - The 5 Basic Steps (Popularity: )
Shopping for a new HDTV set can be confusing and intimidating, but if you break the process down into smaller parts, it will start to make sense. The main factors to consider are: =Budget Range =Screen Size =Style (Plasma, LCD, etc.) =Special Uses =Options Budget Range First things first. HDTV costs are most closely linked to screen size, but also to display type, picture quality, and brand name. You'll have to ...

Buying the Right Television - Part 2 - Options (Popularity: )
Television technologies Several types of television receivers are available, each with upchecks and downchecks: CRT Cathode Ray Tube is the standard the older generations grew up watching. It's like a large light bulb, the screen end coated with phosphorescent pixels, the other with an 'electron gun' which, when charged with electricity, emits electrons; the electrons hit the pixels, the pixels glow. Older CRTs have a curved screen, but newer models are 'flat screen ...

Camcorder Lens Filters - What Can They Do For You? (Popularity: )
After investing in a good camcorder, a sales person may suggest a lens filter for your new purchase. You wonder, are they just trying to make another sale or is there a justifiable reason for considering adding on a filter? Most of us aren't professional videographers and have no intention of producing a feature film with our camcorder, but lens filters do have a purpose even for those of us ...

Camera Bags - Choosing the Right One (Popularity: )
In the quest to get great pictures, consumers invest significant sums of money in either a film or digital camera. After sifting through the options of lenses, zoom, resolution, and so forth, the right camera is chosen. Next, buyers need to turn their attention toward a selecting a camera bag to protect their new purchase and to make it convenient and comfortable to take along. Camera bag options are numerous ...

Consider Your Home Theater Seating Carefully (Popularity: )
After you have your home theater set up, you will want to look into your options as far as seating is concerned. If you do not have a comfortable place to enjoy your system, what is the point in having one in the first place? When you are searching for home theater system you will have many options available. Choosing your set up is nothing more than personal preference built ...

Early Reflections and Home Cinema Design (Popularity: )
Performance of home cinema installations is influenced by the presence of boundaries, and so it is important to understand how sound propagates in a home cinema room. Let's imagine a home cinema with a starting speaker and a listener located somewhere at the home cinema seating area. Let's now assume that at some time (t=0) a signal is played through the speaker. There are three main aspects to how the ...

Free iPod Downloads: Where to Find Them (Popularity: )
So you have your brand new iPod just sitting there, waiting to be filled with all kinds of great stuff. Now you're excitedly wondering: "Where do I get all the best iPod downloads for free?" You are an all-around person, so you are going to want music, videos, games, and all the other wonderful goodies that come with having your very own iPod. So where do you start? The answer to ...