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A Brief Guide To Home Cinema

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2008-06-25 04:39:51     
Article by Simone Butler

With the increasing benefits offered by television, sound, and home cinema products sold to consumers, public cinemas are likely to suffer from less interest from consumers wanting to watch feature films on the big screen. The convenience, comfort, and control obtained by watching movies in home make it much more likely that consumers are going to take their desire for the cinema experience to the comforts of their own homes. The only advantage that big cinemas will have is access to first run movies.

Television technology grows by leaps and bounds every year. In fact, many technology industry experts suggest the product life cycle of a typical technology product or component is less than six months. There are many tech companies driving the industry forward, which is a huge advantage for consumers. High definition televisions have revolutionized picture quality. Samsung just announced a new 82 inch HC LCD television.

Plasma and LCD televisions continue to evolve into mini cinema screens. Larger screens are possible because technology is being built into flatter, less weight set top boxes. The clarity of the picture is not only comparable, but more often better than what can be found in the public cinema.

Super sound or surround sound capabilities used to clarify and bring to life the sound effects of films, are also developing at an unbelievable rate. Consumers cannot only find remarkably clear and highly impacting sound from speakers today, but they can find them in extremely small packages. Early in the development of home cinema sound, speakers that offered by best sound effects were large and cumbersome. Now, the sleeker, smaller design of powerful sound components makes it much easier to build high quality sound into a complete home cinema.

It is not just the televisions and the speakers that have enhanced the quality of the home cinema experience. DVD and movie player technology grows, which enables a better performance from the movie itself. High resolution and high definition technology is built into players as well. Audio visual accessories evolve also. Digital receivers and satellite television have improved picture signals for externally sourced entertainment.

Televisions are not the only option for building a home cinema either. High performing DLP projectors and other project technology have created a more genuine cinema quality for ambitious home cinema designers. People can set up their own projection screens and use projection equipment to create a true home cinema experience.

Simone is a home cinema enthusiast and writes on related topics including plasma TVs at her site, Audio Visual Info.

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